Overt Operations 2

So we all have more weeks to sojourn at home; an early ‘staycation,’ as it were. That really opens up some possibilities!

  1. Re-work an old shirt, pair of pants, skirt, jacket into a new, fresh look by shortening it/adding pockets/taking pockets off/pleating it/sewing patches or patchwork on it. Upcycle before you recycle! You won’t be adding to the tsunami of discarded clothes around the world, and save a little money too. Don’t know how to do some of those things? YouTube’s got the how-to!
  2. Put those photos in their album. Add all the names you can recall, and dates too. When you go through the album with a friend or relative later on, you can more easily figure out how your two histories intertwine.
  3. How long has it been since you’ve oiled your sewing machine? Recharged your drill? Seasoned that skillet? Have you tried out the rice cooker someone gave you for Christmas? What about the deep fat fryer, or, better yet, the air fryer? Found a new app for your phone?
  4. Write a real, genuine letter to someone you miss. Send a card. Send an email. Try to contact at least one person every week; two or three people if you have time. Call to renew friendships and check on family. They’ll feel better and you will too.
  5. Start a diary or journal. You may want to publish it someday, or just leave it to posterity. It is a recording of history, after all.

And to finish, here’s a quote from none other than Steve Martin: “Remember, you are a thought machine.”