BCV has passed. ACV will dawn.

So many news stories, personal phone calls and opinions, even emails going back and forth seem to state the same premise. This Covid-19, this Coronavirus, has propelled all of us into a ‘strange new world’.

How will we tell people about our experiences? We’re all going to share some of the same events, shock, dismay at the headlines which get even more grim as the days wear on. Our families and friends will be affected. Maybe our education will be disrupted, or our voting, or daily tasks such as grocery shopping will be forced into online fulfillment.

And will we then start to construct another parallel language, to speak of our shattered yet still intertwined lives? Will we refer to “that great birthday party we threw for Sam, BCV” (Before Corona Virus). “Wonder when we can throw another, even better and bigger one ACV.” (After Corona Virus)

When you can put something strange and yes, frightening, into descriptive words and employ commonly-understood acronyms, you begin to own that emotion or experience. And then you can truly share it.

What will our new society look like, ACV?

1 thought on “BCV has passed. ACV will dawn.”

  1. Your before/after distinction is cogent. A concern I have is that, in the arts especially, ACV will invalidate all that was created BCV.

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