Part II Chart for a Co.

Continuing the planetary examination from last week –

Now to show a few more salient points in the ‘Natal Chart’ for Write Up The Road, a small but persevering publisher, and interpret same.

We could continue our examination exhaustively, getting into quintiles and degree minutes, but I think the aspects which immediately stand out are the most intriguing. For example, here we have a publishing company, mind you, with its Moon square Mercury! Methinks the partner who hastily procured the business license without consulting an astrologer … should have at least checked an ephemeris. Does this aspect mean that unless the persons working on a project are emotionally engaged, their efforts will come to naught? Goals won’t be realized, and many details lost in the fire and fury of going nowhere? That possibility is unfortunately certainly present.

I shall have to meet with the principals of the company and inform them they’re extremely lucky to have issued a contract to me for my astrology books – I, as their staff astrologer, may well lead them out of the jungle in which they’ve been lost for several years. This is not meant to disparage; but they could have saved themselves much labor and used that passionate engagement to the company’s actual profit instead of attempting too many projects at one time. Yes, a company can make as many silly mistakes as a human. Now is the time to re-think each original goal, examine what did or did not work out, and launch the second twenty years on a much more practical basis.

Write Up The Road is blessed with some very good aspects, too. Saturn trine Uranus (Uranus is the natural ruler of astrology itself), is benevolent and its energies turn creative inspiration into tangible accomplishments. It’s considered an excellent planetary position for astrologers to have in their own charts, so we may assume Write Up The Road is correct in making more astrology texts available to the general public.

Sun and Mars conjunct in the Ninth House – of publishing – confer much energy and strength, generating a tremendous amount of activity and assertiveness. The company needs to ‘get its act together’ and select just a few projects to pursue, and then complete those with dedication and a conscious push toward excellence. After these have been dispatched, then the next courses of action may be chosen. Trying to keep too many irons in the fire, as the old saying goes, will cause a meltdown eventually.

Next considering Venus in Libra (Tenth House of career) trine a Retrograde Uranus in Aquarius, the Second House (money) of the chart could almost be regarded as a harbinger of great success, even though it’s been quite a long time coming. The principals and partners need to retain their ability to see the positive in various situations, and to carefully cultivate the company’s distinctive style in publications and whatever social media they engage in. Taking the high road in any endeavor will result in reward.

Finally, the chart for this small business includes a Grand Trine, involving Saturn, Venus and Uranus, all of course in Air Signs. A Grand Trine confers good luck in many endeavors, and an Air Grand Trine means communication, ideas and much thought will bring new ways of conducting business and new avenues to pursue which may well be lucrative. It appears, therefore, that Write Up The Road will really ‘find its footing,’ complete its goals and find success in the same.

I certainly wish my publisher every success. – MZ