Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter II

Now we’ll peruse some key words for the other half of the zodiac and its Sun Signs.

Libra: September 23-October 22

The performing arts may draw a lot of your interest for a number of years, Libra, as Pluto traverses your Fifth House, where plays, ballet and other talented displays are most at home. You may decide to pursue a forgotten interest under this transit, or contact old friends who were artists, weekend painters, sculptors and so on. Or you may select a favorite artist, perhaps Matisse or Van Gogh and read everything you may find about them, as a number of recent biographies have revealed many details about their lives and their art.

Your health and diet in particular can be highlighted by Saturn in your Sixth House for several years. Libras tend to eat too many sweets and then try to drop five or ten pounds suddenly for a fabulous upcoming party or other social event. Saturn provides an abundance of self-control and responsibility, so you may actually set yourself on a reasonable weight reduction regime or at least start waling daily. Whatever you choose, Saturn will be relentless in guiding you to a better state of health.

Jupiter in your Seventh House will bring you many contacts with the public and people who are at least somewhat famous. Enjoy these piquant episodes, for as Jupiter enters Taurus in mid-May, you’ll have to deal with dreary things like insurance and taxes. If you purchase some expensive art pieces or antiques before then, be sure to add their values to your insurance coverage. Saturn would expect you to do so, whether Jupiter wishes to consider the loss of beautiful objects or not.

Scorpio: October 23-November 21

Pluto, your ruling planet, will be reigning over your Fourth House and you may have to decide where exactly your psychological home is at some point. Some Scorpions don’t have many real ties to other people, so their domicile can be said to be wherever they choose, but Pluto may insist on you actually ‘settling down’ soon. Frankly, under these transits, I wouldn’t be at all surprised to find a number of Scorpios booking the first flights to Mars, heading to the original settlements.

Saturn will bring heavy responsibilities and perhaps some difficult choices regarding your children as it moves through your Fifth House. Finding good schools or affording the tuition for a better school can preoccupy your time – and your budget. Try to discipline them less harshly and do listen to any information or plans they wish to share with you; you’ll be glad you did so. Keep a watchful eye on their online activities; there are dangerous sites they may be enticed into and your intuition must be your guide as to what some innocuous messages really mean.

Your efficiency at handling many tasks and duties has definitely been noticed in your career, but take care that Jupiter doesn’t expand your trivial items to the extent your main focus becomes clouded. Graciously decline being the ‘clean-up person’ for the twentieth time and instead request someone else have that ‘honor.’ Your promotion will thank you. Then as Jupiter enters Taurus, your closest relationship may need to be solidified. If marriage is an option, consider it carefully before dismissing the idea. Loss of this very important person in your life shouldn’t be lightly regarded, as there’s an almost karma-like tie between you.

Sagittarius: November 22-December 21

Pluto will be bringing some incredibly new and startling ideas into your usual thought patterns as it wends its way through Aquarius, your Third House by Sun Sign. This may be a time when you seriously consider a religious career, or seek to deepen your faith through a retreat. Your brothers and sisters may also be much in your thoughts and back in your life as they are facing choices for which they’ll be asking your advice.

Your self-created environment may suddenly grow uncomfortable, as you realize you’ve been eating off a tray table while seated on a camp stool for years now. Saturn is urging you to actually buy some real furniture and get rid of the bricks and boards bookcases and then unpack the boxes from previous moves at last. Your Fourth House is being impacted and you need to have a home in which you can have friends and focus groups gather, even if it’s just your tropical fish club.

Finally, you’re going to need your willpower as Jupiter travels through your Fifth House and encourages you to gamble, whether in Las Vegas or dabbling in risky stock purchases. While being told this may irritate you, it’s better to be informed of a pitfall in the road ahead. After mid-May, devote some time each week to completing homely, everyday tasks around the house and at work. Fix the leaky faucet, file those warranties and replace the old skillet with a broken handle and no lid.

Capricorn: December 22-January 19

Egad, for Pluto to bring up your stewardship of your Second House of money and finances is like insisting the ocean stand still for a few minutes. A Capricorn is naturally cautious and not given to wild spending sprees. But Pluto, that very small planet which rules nuclear energy, can have an explosive effect on your budget – or worse, on your reputation for handling money wisely. Triple check any financial advisors with whom you haven’t already dealt with for years.

You may be too stern and quick to pass judgment for the next two and a half years as Saturn brings a very critical and discriminating mien to your outlook. If your formerly peaceful street is being disrupted by new neighbors, see if they’ll listen to reason before turning them in to the Home Owners’ Association. Or if gentrification is creeping in, check into grants for getting the neighborhood kids a better playground before you uproot your family and move. As a last resort, run for the city council.

The above may really blend with Jupiter in Aries in your Fourth House, by showing you some automatic emotional responses you’ve been unaware of in the past. Don’t quickly say ‘no’ to area leaders asking you about new plans or development when you may agree with them after thinking the whole picture over for a while. Expect your creativity to kick in once Jupiter enters your Fifth House and allow it to guide you in renovating or adding on to your home. And take up painting or writing as an outlet.

Aquarius: January 20-February 18

With your First House being turned upside down by the planet of drastic changes and makeovers, you may decide to get tattoos, grow a very long beard or simply vanish from your usual haunts to go wandering for a year. Pluto can have some startling effects on even the most mundane activities, so you can try to imagine what its power may be on your esoteric and complicated lifestyle. Perhaps you should keep a bag packed and get your passport updated.

Saturn is going to have a very critical look at your material resources for the next couple of years, so you may as well resign yourself to living with a budget from this moment on. You don’t have to love watching your money, but with investments that pay off when you reach retirement and a nice nest egg as well, you’ll be happy you gave into Saturn’s strictures. The pain of giving up that bass boat will be mitigated by a trip to Mexico and some spectacular ocean species fishing.

From now until mid-May, be sure other people are understanding exactly what you want them to help you with, or why you feel you can manage that project for the group because of your previous experience. Communication will be vital at this time, so think first and then speak carefully. Don’t lose your temper if you must explain something a second or even a third time; your friendships and standing in the neighborhood could be impacted. After May 17, use your psychic energy to pick up on nuances other people can’t explain but must be sure you comprehend their feelings and emotions.

Pisces: February 19-March 20

And now you wake up one morning to find Pluto in your Twelfth House, preparing to dynamite your emotional blocks and lay bare your very soul – or at least that may be what you feel is happening. Don’t panic. Otherwise you’ll be frantic for many years to come, as the smallest planet shows everyone the huge amount of havoc it can wreak. Remember there are very few experiences that other people haven’t endured or suffered acute embarrassment over – and your empathy with them having to confess such things is one reason so many people trust and love you, Pisces.

With Saturn in your First House and heightening your self-awareness, you need to stop questioning every detail of your decisions and quit over-thinking new ideas. No, you aren’t perfect, but neither are you some ogre that frightens small children. Give yourself credit for the many things you’ve already accomplished and take time to relax with your family and friends.

Your ability to earn money is going to expand this year, as Jupiter in your Second House of personal finances brings many opportunities. And you could even have a windfall or lottery win large enough to put a big smile on your face. Set aside two-thirds of your cash influx in savings and then treat your nearest and dearest to a special outing or vacation.

Well, this whirlwind trip through some major aspects of the planets impinging upon your Natal Chart has hopefully been of interest to you – and perhaps a bit of reassurance or guidance. May the stars smile upon your efforts and the transiting planets bring you luck. – MZ