Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter

Like most astrology students and teachers, we’re wondering what these planets will influence or direct in our lives during the next years while Pluto is initially transiting Aquarius, Saturn in Pisces and Jupiter in Aries/Taurus. Quite a run-on sentence for a series of run-on effects, frankly. Some of these changes may feel as if they’ve affected the very bedrock of your existence. Let’s focus on some key words for each Sun Sign to get an overview.

Aries: March 21-April 19

For Pluto in Aquarius, your Eleventh House, you’ll be dealing with friends much more frequently and contacting them or they’ll be getting in touch with you. Try to settle old grudges and generally clear the slate – remember, Pluto likes to ‘tear down’ in order to rebuild. You can avoid that with some forethought.

Saturn in Pisces is going to shake up your subconscious mind traipsing through your Twelfth House, so you must see that you take responsibility not only for your actions, but your repeated thoughts. Don’t think negatively about people or outcomes; instead, prepare several scenarios to deal with probable outcomes – and then expect the best instead.

Jupiter already began its transit of Aries and is speeding right along toward Taurus – but you, Aries, can still ‘catch some of its beneficent rays.’ Realize no one knows your deepest self better than you do. And if you’re not really happy in most of the areas of your life, think long and hard about what would increase your satisfaction. Implement the solutions as quickly as possible. Then turn your attention to your finances, as Jupiter charges through your Second House. Don’t over-spend under Jupiter’s beaming indulgence, but do make small improvements that become quite important to your quality of life.

Taurus: April 20-May 20

For you, Taurus, Pluto will cause you to focus on your status – are you where you wanted to be professionally? Do you still enjoy your daily endeavors, whether you’ve retired young or are struggling to get enough together to ever retire at all? Does your social status still concern you or are you happier with small gatherings rather than producing the fabled ‘social event of the year’ at your next huge party?

Saturn in Pisces affects your Eleventh House and your hopes in various areas of your life. Do you wish to leave a trust fund for your grandkids or fund a clinic for a very good cause? Whatever you’d most like to be remembered for, set your goals and work a bit towards the grand scheme daily, in order to realize your dreams turning into hopes and then into reality. Your steadfast nature can ensure this happy ending for all involved.

Working with the energy from Saturn, you can release hidden traits which become talents under the guidance of Jupiter gently bringing a bit of sunshine into your Twelfth House initially. It then becomes a full unmasking of your basic nature in your First House as it reaches your Sun Sign. Don’t be uneasy or fearful; people who’ve known you for years will be delighted to see ‘the real you’ coming forth onto the stage at last. You have much to give. Please do so; we’ll all be the better for it.

Gemini: May 21-June 21

While you’ve probably not thought much about it since your teenage days, you do have a personal philosophy about many things in your life and that of others. Pluto, the smallest planet traversing your Ninth House of philosophy and religion, may take you back to deep roots of faith – or bring you to studying a new way for dealing with other people that relieves much of the friction of interactions. You needn’t become a monk – but neither do you feel called to be a constant entertainer without serious thought. Balance the two diverging persona, and you’ll be happier.

Your profession is also going to bear much scrutiny, as Saturn calls you to task in your Tenth House. Did you truly want to be a lawyer, but settled for being a paralegal instead, not wishing the burden of many more years of study? Saturn may send you back to college or graduate school, as you realize the years ahead of you could be much more satisfying with some serious changes in place.

As Jupiter finishes its stint in your Eleventh House of influencers, you may question whether all of the people in your life truly have your best interests at heart. It may be time to sort acquaintances from friends. Once that’s accomplished, Jupiter will activate your Twelfth House, and – quite unusual for a Gemini – you’ll seek solitude regularly. And it will be beneficial.

Cancer: June 22-July 22

One of Pluto’s favorite themes is that of regeneration – and ensconced in and influencing your Eighth House which also has a profound interest in regeneration, you’ll be doing a lot of that over the next years, Cancer. Pluto also has a very lengthy orbit – figure twenty-eight years or so at the minimum – so don’t feel you have to completely change your entire life in the next two weeks or so.

Saturn in your Ninth House will bring you to a crossroads regarding your religion or your spirituality. Go ahead and read widely as you examine the teachings of various denominations, visit any churches or congregations about which you’re curious or interested, and talk to friends about their faith – or skepticism. You’ll have several years in which to find a new spiritual harbor, so delve and discover.

Until mid-May, carrying out responsibilities in your work, career or profession will be a constant theme with the largest planet, Jupiter posited in your Tenth House. You won’t have time for much of anything except focusing on your workweek. But when Jupiter shifts into your Eleventh House and highlights your capacity to make friends – well, get out of the high rise office building or away from your desk and go find those new friends. You’ll meet people much more easily and will have several acquaintances become close to you in the future.  

Leo: July 23-August 22

Formerly close personal relationships may feel ‘odd’ to you or not possessing the same camaraderie as before. These shifts are due to Pluto in your Seventh House, which rules not only close relationships but also marriage. Pluto will tear down in order to build up something better, but the process does cause the nerves to be a bit frayed. If you’ve had a plethora of friends about you before, expect this number to dwindle as Pluto throws a searchlight on them. And if you’ve been satisfied with a few friends but of sterling qualities, expect to add more of the same.

Joint resources come into play when Saturn is occupying your Eighth House, so be prepared to bear a little more responsibility in your close inner circle and perhaps help out with practical financial advice. Nowadays people are finding it harder to choose reliable experts and are depending on those they trust rather than those certified or with impressive degrees. The calm, no-frills counsel you may provide could lead to very helpful insights for your neighbors, relatives and friends.

Jupiter in your Ninth House will make Lions back into teachers and publishers, following a natural inclination toward instruction. You may decide to set a schedule for your publications – but they may not be in writing. Surprisingly, you could choose to try a new avocation of painting or drawing and discover a wonderful, stress-relieving resource when you’re having to deal with uncertainty. Buy yourself an easel and practice your art.

Virgo: August 23-September 22

Pluto in your Sixth House of work may cause a marked change in your attitude and you become one of the two-weeks’-notice and I’m gone crowd. Since Virgo is another Earth Sign, the situation with your career has been brewing for a long time, as your determination to have your superior finally admit your value to the firm is consistently denied. Your patience is at an end, and so may be your salary. (It may be the end of your ulcers too.) Check into work you can design, build and grow, all on the internet.

Saturn usually brings heavy responsibility, and being stationed in your Seventh House, encompassing the signing of contracts and agreement, you’ll want to carefully examine anything you’re asked to co-sign, Virgo. Non-disclosure agreements and the inventions you brought forth while at work may prove to be sticky wickets. Hire a good lawyer and then turn over the whole case to him/her, so you can concentrate instead on learning exactly what your partner is really saying when they become incoherent from agitation. Try to help shoulder the work load for your nearest and dearest if you can, and insist on scheduling some time for all of you to decompress.

Jupiter in your Eighth House may bring you a bit of inherited money, Virgo, but check for hidden court fees and filing costs before doing any mad dances around the dining table. Taxes could also rear their ugly heads, so again, hire a lawyer if you’re feeling anxious about what seems to be ‘wheeling and dealing’ amongst the confusion of who gets what in the family. Saving your own sanity should be paramount.

We’ll continue this look at some of the parameters of the transiting planets tomorrow, dear readers. I hope you’ve found something intriguing amongst these paragraphs. – MZ


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