With Pluto and Saturn beginning some major shifts again (more about that next week), perhaps it’s as well to consider what one of the respected mentors and teachers of astrology, Dane Rudhyar, said about events among the planets always having such and such an effect. In brief, even astrology with thousands of years of calculations and predictions cannot perfectly determine the outcome of certain aspects. Here’s something to keep in mind:

“In general, one should avoid expecting that an astrological event will inevitably correlate with an existential life event or crisis of growth. A birth-chart does not tell what will happen; it reveals only a set of potentialities. It tells what Nature — or the universe, or God – “intended” in producing such a birth. But the pressure of family, school, and society expectations – plus the interplay of interpersonal relationships of all types – introduce a multitude of factors affecting the actual life-events. The basic structure of destiny symbolized by the chart remains what it is – the acorn will not turn into an apple tree – but the actual life-contents of the structure are essentially unforeseeable.”

So, alas, we cannot blame life’s sudden road blocks or speed traps on our Natal Charts. Drat.

But we can learn to take the best detour or even build a new road if given sufficient warning of what potentially might happen. – MZ


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