Retrograde Mercury

Hello, readers; you’ll recall I’d promised to write a guest blog when planetary aspects warranted it, and now we’re staring down the barrel of Mercury Retrograde from January 30 to February 21, 2021. But it doesn’t have to be a smoking gun. Remember, there are ways to deal with any astrological transit.

Your first way to deal with this particular aspect is to remind yourself it is indeed a transit. It’s not forcing a permanent state of affairs upon you; you’re not doomed to continue missing your train or or to be late for yet another Zoom meeting forever. Roughly three weeks may seem quite long, but most people won’t be experiencing major life changes in what is truly so short a period. This isn’t to say that upheavals and reversed decisions won’t occur. You would no longer be human if they didn’t; instead you’d be some perfected being, no longer subject to fortune, chance or simple mishap.

So plan some quiet time just for yourself in the next weeks and reward yourself if you manage to see through a most difficult situation clearly for the first time. That is an admirable use of Mercury’s energy, and will result in some betterment of your career, relationships or home life.

The usual caveats will apply for us all, however, so try not to be complacent (or smug) if you do solve some terribly knotty problem. Instead, remind yourself that mail can be delivered to the wrong address, or texts and emails become lost in the odd hyperspace between two machines. Laptops and computers do still remain machines and have not yet achieved Artificial Intelligence sufficient to become self-knowing without human interface.

During this retrograde time, review your actions carefully and especially your communications to surmise whether you may possibly clear up a misunderstanding between you and one or more others. Hasten to explain yourself if, during a chat or conversation, you note raised eyebrows or a sudden chilly feeling in the air. Somehow you may have transgressed. You likely won’t need to apologize; but do interpret your unfortunate pun, social gaffe, or accidental retelling of a bit of gossip to the unfortunate one who happens to be the center of the controversy.

As always, avoid signing major contracts during this time, but if you must do so, check and re-check what the document says before you affix your signature. Better yet, have your attorney check the fine print previous to signing.

This would be a good time to find the sales receipts and warranty guarantees for your laptop, enormous TV or new cell phone and gather them into one file folder which is to be placed in a secure location. (And a location which will be remembered.) If something does develop a glitch, your paperwork will be in order for repair or replacement of the electronic device. And do back up your data daily as well.

An old flame may try to re-enter your life, but ask yourself if the drama and upheaval are going to be worth it. If you think that it might be, then also query your heart as to your reaction if the former lover may cause the loss of your current relationship. Meet the old friend if you must, but be practical: meet for coffee or lunch, but not for dinner or just drink. Too many mistakes are waiting at the bottom of a wine glass as the evening draws toward dawn.

Back in the workaday world rather than in the wispy, romantic shadows, allow extra time to get to any destination if you have a deadline or an appointment to meet in reality. Check your reservations once more for travel and hotels before you leave the house, suitcase in hand.

And good luck ahead; may your own stars align and attune in order to bring you one of your heart’s wishes during this time. MZ