For Three

 Green chiles, red tomatoes, yellow onions.
 Linkages, partnerships and collaborations.
 Norteno, banda, ranchero.
 Stand, delivery, market.
 Arrest, penalties, prison.
 Cottonwood, willow, sycamore.
 Stream or sync or swim.
 Call, click, or scan.
 Apples, peppers and honey.
 Queer assault, active shooter, child abuse.
 “Trills, quavers and breves.”
 Panga, proa, canoe.
 Doorbuster sales, border clashes, licensed agents.
 Single supplement, seedless lime, loose gravel.
 Flash flood watch, dress right dress, bulky item pickup.
 Emit, ooze, expunge.
 Intermediate links, loose floorboards, robotic arms.
 Self-contained, verbal, proprietary.
 Foundations, endowments and councils.
 Ocean, arroyo, lake.
 Tarjetas de rewards, refrigerator magnets and
 Comprehensive continuums of care.
 Cosmic rays, particles and waves.
 Disturb, disorder, conflict.
 Think, wonder, bark.
 Cats, rats, lizards.
 First rain, acid rain, purple rain,
 Bait, beat and behold.
 Fame and money and possessions.
 Stakes, strings, trenches.
 Retables, amulets, charms.
 Stone quarry, parking lot, my place.
 Needles, coins, cups.
 Vaccine, immunity, immortality. 

© 2021 Randy Stark

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