Saturn retrograde in Aquarius

Ah, at last a retrograde planet whose regression will be over shortly – in fact, in only two days Saturn will return to forward motion in Aquarius, on October 23, 2022. That should be a cheering note, especially for the four signs who’ve been most affected by this transit: Aquarius (of course), Taurus, Leo and Scorpio.

Aquarius, you may have felt like too many responsibilities have been heaped upon your shoulders over the past months, and you’d like to stand up and shout, “Hell, no! I’m not taking it any more!” While I can certainly understand your frustration, as your favorite astrologer, I also need to point out that perhaps decisions and conflicts have weighed so heavily on you because you’re really not used to dealing with them. Think of the psychic and spiritual ‘muscle’ you’ve developed that you didn’t have before, and be thankful for the decisions your intuition guided and which turned out to be correct.

Taurus, your progress in your career may have ground to a halt for several months, leaving you wondering whether HR lost your glowing evaluations or requests for a pay increase somewhere in the files (or tossed them). Hopefully you used this time in suspension learning new skills or gaining knowledge in your chosen field, so hours spent ‘spinning your wheels’ were actually invested in your future. Remember your studies make you more valuable not only to your current employer, but to any future ones. And this applies to your own business, if that’s the clarion call you’re hearing.

Leo, the idea of a serious relationship which has been considered for a substantial amount of time should now resurface. You’ve probably gone over all the reasons why it’s so difficult to find someone in today’s frenzied world, why you’re too old/young/short/tall/fat (you get the picture) to interest someone, and other negative evaluations of yourself and what you have to offer a romantic interest. Consider this – if you don’t attempt to make some new friendships and connections, you’ll never know if someone may have been searching for just what you think, feel, give and want. Do try.

Scorpio, you’ve likely been searching for a home for yourself and family. And you’re feeling as if there’s no ‘ideal’ home; indeed, not anything even close to what would be best for your needs and those of your nearest and dearest. You may have given up for the past months (unusual for a Scorpio), but the search has been too arduous. Try to figure out what exactly would make most of the people concerned happy and then, change your search area; change realtors, change mortgage companies if necessary, to start a new search for what everyone really wants. It’s there.

If you weren’t able to wrest the good from a retrograde Saturn, use the above pointers and pursue those same goals now with Saturn’s help and not hindrance. – MZ