Say what?

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Hmm. Could the Eye of Sauron have been based on the appearance of a total eclipse of the Sun? J.R.R. Tolkien isn’t here to ask, more’s the pity.

Be that as it may, dear readers, I hope you’re not worried about the eclipse on the very day you’re reading this blog. Eclipses occur on a regular basis, and since we no longer have to emerge into the streets with beating drums and trumpets sounding to make the evil spirits relinquish our life-giving Sun, we can anticipate the resumption of normal routine after the event is concluded.

Unless, of course, since the Sun is also in the midst of a major flare episode, we experience power outages, cell phone outages, ATM shut-downs and various other ilk of the electronic age ‘acting up.’

Well. My advice for us all is to be as prepared as possible – put an extra pitcher of water in the refrigerator, avoid driving during the eclipse (so if other drivers become disoriented, your vehicle isn’t crunched), certainly don’t venture outside without your eclipse glasses and have a sandwich and a cuppa handy if you’re going to watch all the coverage of the astronomical super event as it transpires on the TV or your phone. Keep the pets inside and the kids too, unless you’re absolutely sure they won’t get distracted and lose or remove their glasses. If I were in charge of the young’uns that day, I’d err on the side of caution and have them watch a live stream or other professional production and insist on them remaining indoors.

As for those of you who are Aries, Moonchildren, Libra or Capricorn Sun Signs, I really don’t expect any major disasters for you (or anyone else, for that matter) but it would likely be prudent for you to refrain from making major decisions suddenly, joining a branch of the armed forces or running off with that cute cashier at the corner store. Stay calm. There is a plethora of information roaming the internet, and if you wish to amuse yourself reading what many other astrologers have written on this topic, I’d encourage you to do so. It will broaden your vocabulary regarding astrological terms, and you may be so intrigued you take up the study of this ancient lore. There’s always room for one more student or one more astrologer to propose a new theory or interpretation, in my view.

And then you can always preface your conversation about why you decided to study the occult in earnest by casually mentioning, “It was while I was watching the total eclipse of the Sun on April 8, 2024, that I realized I should pursue this intriguing circumstance and explore astrology as a means to self-knowledge and possible insight into those persons with whom my life was entwined.”

If that doesn’t knock their socks off with your lofty goals for your new life, then, duckies, you need some new friends.

Enjoy the eclipse as a relief from the mundane. I shall return next week, barring Armageddon or major earthquake, to regale you with more star stories. – MZ


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