Snapshot of the stars

Well, a snapshot of the ‘stars’ is stretching it a bit, perhaps, but sometimes a fun way to get a new angle on what’s happening in your life is by looking at the planetary aspects surrounding you today. You can also assume many aspects are in effect for a day or two, giving you time to complete a project suggested by the planetary lineup or to begin a new course of action.

Of course this quick take can’t be as accurate as the aspects applied to your own Natal Chart, but you can find an insight or two in the most mundane information at times.

Looking at today’s aspects, we see the Sun in Pisces is trine the Moon in Scorpio. For today, you’re probably feeling a balance between your self and your emotions. It should be a rather calm day, without too much drama appearing or major life changes abruptly intruding.

The Sun in Pisces is also conjunct Jupiter in Pisces, and moving toward a closer conjunction daily for the next ten days or so. If you’re a Pisces, keep a firm hold on your wallet or purse and don’t spend lavishly on items you don’t really need during this time frame. Wait for a couple of weeks before getting that wall-size tv or new sports car.

Moon square Mercury can spark emotional exchanges that really don’t communicate much between those involved in the spat. The transiting Moon in Scorpio highlights emotions and sexually-charged messages, so refrain from sexting explicit photos or notes that could prove detrimental to your reputation at this time.

Moon trine Jupiter gives that ‘urge to splurge’ impulse once again, and, once again, you must control your spending or else you’re going to wind up in a financial cliff-hanger. Just for fun, write yourself a check for a million dollars and enjoy the glow of accomplishment. If you’re still building your business, or looking for a new career, frame this and hang it where you can see it while you’re WFH. It provides a mental boost.

Today the Moon is also in opposition to Uranus, so abrupt changes or sudden messages may bring you an emotional surprise (not necessarily negative). Shifts in your emotions can bring about modifications in your life’s work at some point in the near future. Try not to stomp out of your workplace in a fit of anger, especially if your upset is caused by technology gone awry.

Mercury square Uranus underlines the above paragraph and may even put it in bold. Wait a bit and cool off before taking drastic action.

Venus conjunct Mars may lead to a hot and heavy romance that could be one to record in your diary, or at least the subject of many torrid conversations with your current love. But check with an astrologer and have your two charts compared before you start buying a condo together.

With Venus sextile Neptune, you may fall victim to gauzy illusions about your current romance, or have those illusions painfully ripped apart. Listen to your intuition. When the love life you think you have doesn’t match reality, it’s time to step back and review just what the attraction truly is in your current pairing.

Mars sextile Neptune could see you being the one to tear down the curtains and expose the person behind the scenes who’s really working the magic. Have you entered the subtle, entwining matrix of social media, and are now using it as a substitute for really living?  

The final significant aspect for today is Jupiter sextile Uranus. You may see an opportunity to get that house you’ve been watching as it was readied for market, or a trusted financial advisor could have some important information for your ears only. The combination of those impulses for ‘livin’ large’ and a planet known for its sleight of hand can lead to large losses, or substantial gains. Seek advice before acting. Sign nothing without sleeping on it. Better caution than calamity.

Notice some of the planets have contradictory advice? This isn’t unusual; in fact, it’s what makes astrology such an interesting study of human nature. You and your own Natal Chart will always have different applications for any aspect, no matter whether its duration is days, months or years.

And now you know why Daily Horoscopes either score a ‘hit’ or a ‘miss.’ Blame the stars. – MZ

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