Solar eclipse

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If you’re unaware there’s a solar eclipse coming on April 8, 2024, in Aries, with Uranus and a Retrograde Mercury also in the first sign of the traditional zodiac – you obviously haven’t been anywhere news outlets broadcast their latest ‘shtick of the day’ or perhaps you don’t check your phone or laptop every ten minutes. Yes, there’s an eclipse definitely coming, and not one soul currently upon this earth can do anything about it.

People most likely to feel the brunt of this astronomical/astrological event are of course, Aries natives, Moonchildren, Libra natives and Capricorns. You may feel the earth move under your feet, as the old song goes, but reassure yourself that when the dust settles, you’ll see a new solution peeking over the horizon, most likely to an old and cumbersome problem. So, try not to dread the sky-jinks (a pun MZ couldn’t resist) and instead attempt to figure out where your current life is going to see the biggest change(s).

As Uranus rules astrology (and computers and things like that), you may turn to various interpretations of the stellar influences to really get a handle on what may occur. This bit of research is a good idea, as the outer planets don’t really get the headlines as much as the ones we deal with on a daily basis. But make no mistake, the outer planets, the ones with the lengthiest orbits, still have quite an impact. When they take so long to meander around the Sun, their position affects an entire generation. Take time to look them up: Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and don’t forget to check where in your personal Natal Chart these planets are resident.

Your favorite antediluvian astrologer would say this is the time to discard inertia, as your independence and true individual traits are going to be brought to the fore. An eclipse always brings the unexpected, so you can only anticipate so much – but even a little planning is better than none. A person or situation which may have caused you much misery might be turned aside from sharing your path in the future. Those problems which hid in the shadows could have a sudden spotlight turned on them and subsequently scatter like cockroaches.

And even if you’re not an Aries, Moonchild, Libra or Capricorn, you may still set new goals and expect them to appear in your future. Energies are quite high and much power is released; even if it can’t be seen readily, look forward to a fresh start in a very important area of your life. Shrug off the despair you may have felt in past months and know the best conclusion is inevitable and fitting. Cast aside resentments and futile ‘if only’ phrases. Take charge of your life. All the best. – MZ

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  1. Phew. At least one less thing to worry about in April for me as I am none of these: Aries native, Moonchild, Libra natives or Capricorn.

    Sky-jinks? Madame Zombra, when it comes to puns, you are the cat’s meow.

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