Some strange magick

“It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live.”   – Albus Dumbledore

So if wands do indeed choose the wizard, what wand has chosen you? Is it a sturdy, hardwood, plain but serviceable kind? A mere frippery, embellished with pearls and lace? Black and red, symbolizing your natal planets perhaps. (Madame Zombra would enjoy that one.)

You do realize that not only do you have to choose your own goals in life, but you also have to make your own magick to get to each one. What incantation can you use to persuade the wand you want, to choose you and you alone?

And of course you can’t get lost in the dreams of what you’ll do once you have that wand in hand, or else all is for naught.

Patience. All eventually becomes clear. Goals have a way of including their resolution within, and within your heart is the life you must lead. And so you shall.