Two Poems: Remembering the Future + God Knows

 I will never forget Mother’s Day 3017.
 He told me he was leaving
 Because he didn’t love me anymore.
 A fire shimmies.
 Rice cooking. 
 Government surplus.
 Our children were miracle children.
 Degrading traits bred out.
 It gets expensive.
 Chimes jingle.
 Wind carries. 
 But he is still here.  
 Only God knows how much I love
 Yoga and meditating and
 Epitomizing and incentivizing and kind of empowering
 A total wealth-preserving mind-body workout.
 Plus, organic, recycled, and responsible:
 Yoga merch,
 (You not only feel good but look good)
 Yoga outerwear,
 Yoga loungewear,
 Yoga activewear,
 Leggings, capris, shorts, pants, 
 Bras, tanks, pullovers, jackets, vests, hoodies,
 Coffee mugs, bags and totes.
 All that Buddhist stuff.
 Even Yoga bobble head dolls. 

© 2021 Randy Stark

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