Start Earning Extra Points

 I eat breakfast from my browser.
 Pull bacon out of my beard.
 Crisp and flavorful.
 Points being put on the board.
 Concrete being poured.
 Concerto being scored.
 Podcast being streamed.
 The Zoom event I’ve always dreamed of.
 With knockout formula.
 Does what others claim.
 Tells past, present, and future.
 Removes bad luck.
 Cures evil spells.
 Solves all problems.
 Answers all questions.
 Never fails.
 I’m a cardholder just like anybody else.
 Setting up for somewhat of a next golden age.
 Extremism in the defense of 10 total points for every $1 
 Spent in select categories is no vice,
 Moderation in the pursuit of quadruple points is no virtue.
 Imagine where I can go with my reward point multiplier!
 You better believe it to beaver! Joi de veever!
 The Beverly Thrillbillies! 

© 2021 Randy Stark

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