It appears we’re entering a new phase of the Covid-19 affliction burning through civilization at the current moment in history. We may, albeit reluctantly, have to enter upon another sequestration in order to safeguard lives. May I suggest you take advantage of the short time between grim circumstances suggesting quarantine and actual implementation of same in acquiring supplies, raw materials, reference books or whatever so you may enjoy your time at home. Here are some suggestions:

Aries: Build a firepit or improve your ‘grilling skills.’’ Begin to raise truly hot hot peppers and acquire recipes for same.

Taurus: Plant a new rosebush or two and include some ‘bulblets’ of garlic so both plant varieties will grow well. Install flower boxes at your window sills.

Gemini: Read at least three of the books you’ve been promising yourself you’d “get to” once you had some spare time.

Cancer: Ah, staying home – your favorite vacation anyway. Force yourself not to try to complete more than ten or fifteen of the set-aside projects you’ve been wanting to work on for months.

Leo: Now may be the time to have that Saluki or other exotic breed puppy delivered. You have the hours to train your new pet and not let it grow up to be a furry nuisance.

Virgo: Try writing a screenplay if you’ve only written novels, or vice versa. Write poetry instead of detective thrillers. Grow better skills in dialogue or description.

Libra: Write out that business plan for your new venture and let yourself dream a little. Are you wanting a bricks and mortar business or online only?

Scorpio: Jot down a list of your enemies, say affirmative sentences of forgiveness and then burn it. (The list, not your enemies.)

Sagittarius: Make notes for that new religious denomination you’ve considered creating and look into what it takes to become an ordained minister.

Capricorn: What would the perfect banking institution look and work like? How could you form such an entity?

Aquarius: Write notes to your many friends and show them they’re valued members of your social circle.

Pisces: Hone your intuition by testing your psychic powers. Buy a really good set of Tarot cards and learn to read them.

Staying home and active at least mentally will improve your future life too. – MZ