Entirely appropriate for today

Elias Canetti 1905 – 1994;
Nobel Prize in Literature

“Everything has to be rethought.”

So painfully true in today’s oddity that passes for our everyday life. We can devise intentional communities, with neighbors and co-workers intermingled in housing, work/make space, daily chores and even a sustainable and supporting farm, so that all inhabitants eat well and have meaningful work. We can rebuild cities or hamlets, construct a completely new healthcare system, give our kids a broad and extraordinarily useful education outside of a traditional classroom.

And if you get around to writing down your thoughts and emotions about the Covid-19 pandemic, to leave to your children or just curious strangers, consider Canetti’s on autobiography: “When you write down your life, every page should contain something no one has ever heard about.”

That would be one hell of a bestseller.

1 thought on “Entirely appropriate for today”

  1. “No one has ever heard about.” Because the writer has kept it inside her/his self? What a revelation that could be! Bestseller indeed.

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