Super Minis

 Off chain.
 Recovery routines of those who still require sunlight.
 Scooter concessions beyond the rising stars.
 Oriole sues parents over jelly.
 I like my meds over medium.
 Tackle boxes and coach lamps.
 A dependent population of 1.
 The ring tone is a gulping sound.
 One nation under a vaccine.
 Crouching tomato, hidden eggplant.
 Ley lines on Mars.
 Caution: hot surface.
 Warning: shock hazard.
 Change of command ceremony.
 The ministry of consequences.
 A keyboard made of limpets, all ampersands.
 Holiday parking enforcement.
 Unhoused youth.
 Salon dreams.
 Service weapons.
 Flushable wipes.
 World of Warcraft.
 Motorhomes pulling motorboats.
 Algorithm battles.
 Pelvic blaze.
 We go to the 8th.
 3-2 Atlanta. 

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