He woke in a swamp

Oddly, he was on his hands and knees, chin inserted at the fork of a large tree limb. His wrists were tied to stakes driven into the ground on either side of his tree-trapped head. As he moved his legs, he realized the same arrangement bound his knees. Moldy odors roiled on the air currents, […]

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And I held onto the back of his jacket, as the little leprechaun struggled and kicked to get away. His hat fell off, he cursed and yelled, but still I held on. I knew the legends about the Wee Folk: if you could catch a leprechaun, he must tell you where his pot of gold

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You wake minutes before the alarm sounds and remember there’s no coffee. You pry yourself loose from your pillow, fumble the alarm off, and sit up. And think, “What in *&%!  am I doing?!” You know before you even look no two socks will match, or that last pair of hose has runs. The dog

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