The love of money …

Is the root of all evil. Well – we’re not going to discuss what is considered ‘evil’ in this column, but there will be some aboveboard ideas for Libra and Scorpio as to how they can add to their coffers by hard work and honest effort.

Libra, your major difficulty is likely to be resistance – resisting new furniture, that special sports jacket, the thirty-seventh pair of shoes. The word ‘budget’ sends cold chills across your back, and you usually can’t make yourself stick to one. I suggest, instead of trying to keep your spending on a ‘choke chain’ as it were, to instead consider each purchase thoughtfully for a specific period of time. Usually twenty-four hours is enough for most people to realize they don’t need another jacket, or pair of shoes or whatever the temptation. Your goal must go another step further, to take that amount of money and deposit it into your Savings Account rather than buying the item. You’ll be surprised at how much you’ll actually set back at the end of even your first year of this new program.

You needn’t forego improvements to your home, or those symphony tickets, or a longed-for vacation in Hawaii, either. Just start setting money aside for whatever your current specific goal is in a separate account, so you form good habits of building for a present need, and also for a more secure future. You can read stories on the net every day about someone who retired at thirty for inspiration – remember, you don’t have to be old and creaky to enjoy your money.

As to how you can create a nest egg – put your Libra skills to work. Find a niche in fashion – slow fashion, and stop some of the ‘throw-away’ madness currently destroying the environment. Help people be a patron for a new artist whose work they enjoy. Teach art history, or if you’re gifted yourself, teach painting to eager students.

A Scorpio may want to set aside money in order to ‘get away from it all’ and have a large amount of time to be by yourself. You don’t fear solitude; your best ideas come to you when you have the opportunity to mull over a challenge and allow your subconscious to produce the best solution. You’re neither a spendthrift nor a miser ordinarily, and can set parameters for your daily expenses without difficulty. Release any grudges about someone who owes you money; consider the loan as actually paying for a lesson in why you won’t help that person financially again, and let it go. You’re not interested in retiring per se, so that isn’t your goal. You’d rather continue your life’s work as long as you’re physically able, and as long as you’re mentally competent after that. A fancy house or enviable car isn’t usually part of your agenda either. You’re the distant millionaire living quietly in a modest home and investing in companies you believe in, or new discoveries which will help the greatest number of people. You’ll thoroughly enjoy amassing a fortune while casually going about your chosen profession and giving the appearance of living well but not lavishly. You may consider being a lawyer, only taking on cases which you believe in, or fighting for the underdog. Then again, you’d be perfect as a recovery agent – someone who tracks down missing artworks, or rescues hostages held for exorbitant ransoms, or painstakingly unravels the financial nightmare of a family-owned business that’s about to be consumed in a very hostile takeover.

A person born under The Scales is very good at weighing all the aspects of a career, or investments, or starting his or her own business. Just don’t get so caught up in the details and trying to figure everything out in advance that you neglect the most important thing – stop researching and act.

As for a Scorpion, continue to be wary of someone who seems to be either trying to take your best ideas for funding their projects or wants to turn only the hard work over to you and not the profits. But don’t assume everyone is trying to take your gains for themselves. Most business deals do not need to end in bloodshed.

Life can be even more enjoyable with a goal accomplished after much effort, especially one that will make you proud of yourself.    – MZ

#Madame Zombra