The only thing certain is change itself

Certainly ‘Coronavirus fatigue’ is setting in for many of us, as we all face tremendous uncertainty as to how/where we earn a living, care for our families, continue friendships, perhaps begin (or end) a close relationship. ‘Not knowing what will happen next’ is quite unsettling. People who tell you they love surprises will hasten to add, “Good surprises, I mean.” So how does your Sun sign cope with constantly changing news, moods and plans for yourself and your community, state, even country?

Aries: You seldom make plans that are set and must be followed. You tend to dare fate or whatever it is balancing the universe to tell you that something can’t be done when you want to do it. Regulations or conventions are there to be ignored or smashed, depending on your mood.

Taurus: You don’t deal well with schedules or plans in constant flux. You prefer a steady pace in advancing your career, a dependable partner in love and a bit of savings in the bank. Daily newspaper, coffee, toast; and you find comfort at home, without upset.

Gemini: “Bring it on!” is your answer to change, sudden permutations of goals or plans, even a detour on the highway. You thrive on the unexpected and loathe routine or the ‘same old, same old.’ You enjoy shifting direction in mid-step: foxtrot to tango; why not?

Cancer: If it’s been done the same way for a hundred years, that’s about right for you to feel assured. Tradition is security for you, and you prefer not to have to deal with modern or unusual alterations to your home, family or career.

Leo: “How is this going to affect my career?” Or your status in the community, your finances, your peace of mind? Change isn’t something you fear, but you instantly begin to gauge what possible peripheral damages may occur to the main concern.

Virgo: Egad, can’t things simmer down for a bit and let everyone take a deep breath? You project calm when you’re agitated on the inside. Everyone expects you to take hold and quietly straighten things out for them, whether or not they brought the muddle upon themselves.

Libra: Is this new challenge a good change or a bad one? How should I deal with it if it’s for the worse? What if I delegate the final decision to someone else? Can I do that? These dilemmas are too hard to resolve.

Scorpio: So what’s behind this new uproar in the family? Why can’t everyone solve their own problems in due time? If all you’re going to do is resent the changes I’ve suggested, solve your own problems and leave me out of it.

Sagittarius: Things can’t be as bad as they seem. We just need to take a new approach. Let’s go for a brisk walk and see what we can come up with in the solution department. Get up and let’s go!

Capricorn: All this frantic rushing about won’t really solve anything. You need to sit down and calmly think things through from the beginning of the problem to its possible outcomes. And then a course of action can be laid out.

Aquarius: Whee! Let’s write down a half-dozen solutions to your problem and have you draw the answer from a hat. No? You want something more practical than that? Well, all right, but that narrow approach really stifles my creativity.

Pisces: I feel your pain and confusion, I really do. It’s making my head hurt, as a matter of fact. Can’t we go somewhere a little quieter and try to center ourselves so the answers can well up from your subconscious? Let’s take some sandwiches and drive out to the countryside for a change of scenery.

If you are in a position where you can’t see a way forward, then cope as best you can until things begin to right themselves. Benign neglect is not necessarily wrong. – MZ

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