The spring effect

The temptation to declare winter over is strong indeed. Recall that this past Saturday marked the Spring Equinox, even though some parts of the nation are still under baleful winds and snow, lingering like a houseguest never invited.

But spring will arrive, at some point, and what should we anticipate as someone’s reaction to that change of seasons? Astrology, of course, may provide some clues.

Aries:  This is a giddy time of year for you, for your birthday falls within the time Mother Nature resumes her greenery and calmer weather, making your emotions flare. You won’t want to stay home much; you prefer to be dashing here and there, chatting and driving at breakneck speed. You feel your best physically now, and gladly shed heavy winter garments for shirt sleeves and flip flops. Keep a firm hold on your wallet, however, because items purchased during online shopping will have passed their grace period and must be paid off before adding to your debt. Enjoy the sunshine and indulge in very simple pleasures, such as sitting under a tree in the shade and sipping a cold drink.

Taurus:  Drawing a deep breath of those marvelous actinomycetes as you start turning over dirt in your garden is the best perfume you can imagine. Doubtless you planned exactly what you wish to plant; whether vegetables, flowers, or a combination, the seeds are on their way to you if not already carefully planted in tiny peat pots. As an earth sign, returning to the outdoors and watching plants grow and thrive because of your efforts is a tremendous mood lifter for you. Even as an apartment dweller, you’ll find a way to get close to nature again; a rooftop garden, a sunny windowsill, a balcony crowded with miniature edibles and herbs. Even walking in your neighborhood can be pleasurable; stopping to chat with neighbors a cheerful adjunct.

Gemini:  The old saying about ‘in the spring a young man’s fancy’ certainly makes itself felt now – but that doesn’t occur for you only in March and April. Indeed, young or old, and whatever gender, a Star Twin always has at least two love interests throughout the year. People have actually accused you of being fickle, Gemini, and perhaps it’s true. Or, you enjoy other people’s companionship so much, you don’t stop to realize the other persons in your life may each be thinking you’ve chosen him or her as your favorite. Add a bit of caution so as not to crush feelings: social distancing may have been tossed out of your life, but others likely need a little more time to remember ‘how to relationship.’

Cancer:  This time of year your work or career may take precedence over even your family, although that’s hard to visualize with a Moonchild. Your best course of action is to reconcile your work hours with the needs of your family and friends. You may politely but firmly let your CEO know 80-hour workweeks are no longer a given. While this may slow your own ascent to that fabled corner office (does anyone still aspire to such a ‘perk’?), you want to watch your children grow up, your partner and you grow closer, and then wait for grandchildren without briefs, reports or billable hours hindering your ideal family life. Not for you the unbelievable – but sadly true – workload of a John Grisham novel. Stand firm.

Leo:  Egad, if it’s spring, swimsuit season isn’t far behind. You’ll be heading off to the nearest spa that promises to get your figure or physique back to its sleek image. New clothes for travel and resort wear may also be on your list, and a new, up-to-date color and cut for your mane; er, hair, is a given. Yes, Leos take pride in their appearance, feeling they owe it to their audience. And to themselves, really – if you ever see a lion with head drooping, sloppy clothes and a three-day beard, get him to a doctor immediately. Something is seriously wrong. Ditto for the lioness, if she’s sitting at home, not answering her phone or even texting, and not having a mani-pedi or her personal trainer scheduled.

Virgo:  Spring brings tax season, among other required tasks like house cleaning, tree-trimming, painting, repairing, renovating and reducing clutter. The paper cup saved from the Dairy Queen you went to on your first date – out it goes. All those crayon drawings your mother cherished (although you’ll show your grandkids your best report cards), old address books and remnants of previous apartments will be tossed too. You’ll get that shelf put up, the smoke alarm given new batteries and the dog taken to the groomers. Cookbooks featuring recipes with five eggs and three hours of preparation will be discarded; so will old archery trophies and that worn afghan.

Libra:  How long may a Libra exist without falling in love? Approximately the same amount of time it takes to meet the new neighbor, attend a zoom conference on the latest merger, or meet like in the movies at a subway stop, entering the same book stack at the old library or trying a different news channel and catching the new anchor. Libras fall in love in mere heartbeats – and they’re always ‘in love with love.’ More of your relationships are begun in the spring than any other time of year. Be prepared to begin anew, Libra.  

Scorpio:  Your romantic interests can be activated by spring itself; whether the season can overcome your natural reticence (or suspicion) of someone new in your life remains to be seen. Your trust is not easily given, and your heart proceeds in any affair very, very slowly. This is not because you have the least fear of love. It’s engendered by your deep and passionate response (in all aspects) once you find that someone. You know yourself very well, and you understand that you only have that depth available for one or two people in a lifetime.

Sagittarius:  Spring is in the air and the Centaur is charging ahead, heedlessly trampling tender feelings and budding crushes by too-blunt questions and remarks, or gadding about, sparing no time to simply chat. Try a quieter approach if you want someone new in your life, whether as a friend, companion or lover. Your ideal love partner combines all three of those personas, as you want someone who’ll go camping, to an art gallery showing, or off on a lost weekend with fifteen minutes’ notice. A very complicated order to fulfill, indeed. Cherish the one who comes closest to your ideal.

Capricorn:  You show your love for someone by paying the mortgage payment on time and keeping the car in good running order. You don’t often surprise your mate with flowers or tickets to a special show, feeling your steadfastness should be ample proof that you care deeply. But here’s something you must try occasionally – loosen up. Take the afternoon off from the bank and take the two of you to a beach picnic with a specially-catered basket. If there’s no beach close by, then have a moonlight dinner by the fireplace.

Aquarius:  All the world’s a friend to an Aquarian, and as the weather warms and people venture forth from sequestration or the ice finally melts, you’re ready to meet another dozen or so best friends. You see the best in people and encourage others to try new places and ways to meet potential heart interests. You may even try a bit of old-time matchmaking if you know two people in your circle who could be a great pairing. As for yourself, see what happens if you enter a one-on-one relationship. It may be what you’ve been searching for in this lifetime.

Pisces:  Time to put those romantic dreams to actual use, and declare yourself as actively searching for your soul mate, your new love interest, or – gasp – a permanent partner in life. While you may not live in a castle, you and your special someone can be happy in an apartment or a tiny house. Be practical initially, and set a budget, secure both your careers, and start paying into retirement – then let those gossamer dreams of true love blossom into the steadfast assurance you are indeed loved, just for yourself.

Is there another season in which hope accompanies so many of our actions? We all need this too-fleeting time to rebuild our faith in humanity, ourselves, and in something beyond our limited senses in order to continue on. – MZ