The deadly invisible virus is everywhere!
 Athwart high C’s then dropped
 To the small sallow shallows
 Of a once great metropolitan newspaper.
 While the sports section shrank
 Bulked up were the obits.
 And the Food section grows like Pinocchio’s nose.
 People in their cars waiting hours in long lines.
 At first I thought it was Starbucks, but no, 
 The virus is nature’s way of thinning the herd.
 Humans look ridiculous trying to “fight” it,
 Although some look better than others.
 Again, nature’s way, it just hits different at night.
 When death perches like a bluebird on your shoulder
 “But at the same time you’re still so present in the world”
 And hitting from the doomsday tee box,
 It doesn’t matter that ten different doctors
 Have told you it’s all in your head.
 Remember most of those cats are low handicappers.
 Keep doing the most wonderful things ever and you’ll be fine.
 Your points are eternal, they never expire.
 2X more absorbent
 So you can use less.
 Every time you fly
 Your friend can too. 

© 2021 Randy Stark

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