Thinking Back

 The virus doesn’t care how you want to be remembered.
 The virus is not a jury, it doesn’t deliberate. 
 The virus is a judge. A hanging judge.
 The virus is inclusive.
 The virus doesn’t know essential from a waste of space.
 The virus is non-partisan
 It reaches across the aisle.
 The virus doesn’t need a passport.
 It will follow you around like a puppy.
 It doesn’t recognize borders.
 It can’t even read a map.
 The virus isn’t kidding.
 The virus is serious as a heart attack.
 So my cardiologist said
 The virus spreads just by saying its name.
 Noise reduction headphones are no help.
 The virus doesn’t care how long you’ve been outside 
 In a wheelchair waiting to be picked up for church.
 The virus doesn’t flinch at bad PR.
 The virus doesn’t translate Shakespeare into Japanese.
 But it can make a summer’s day as short as a winter’s.

© 2021 Randy Stark

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