Those chronocrators

Well, dear readers, I don’t know about you, but I’ve been disappointed in what we’ve learned so far about Chronocrators. I had assumed studying them would add to our store of astrological lore; not bore us all to tears. And so, with an apology, we shall skim over the rest of this rather arcane subject and then be free to resume much more interesting studies next week.


The next Chronocrator is the Sun, ruling over ages 24 to 34. Obviously this is the time of becoming a full-fledged adult and marrying, starting a family, assuming a mortgage. Not for the faint of heart, these years, but at least so far I’ve not heard of anyone who perished because their Sun got mired in those infamous ‘shoulds’ and ‘oughts.’

Mars is next, ruling what used to be considered middle age, from 34 to 45. Naturally, since we live much longer than previous generations, (who were lucky if they could achieve a mere 60 years or so) we can regard this as growing out of the last, final stages of adolescence. And that’s appropriate for Mars, with its impetuous behavior and quick temper.

Age 45 to 57 is guided by Jupiter, and these are the years when most people achieve success in a career, or settle for a tenured position so to speak – or have a middle-aged crisis. With Jupiter involved, it won’t be a small crisis, either, but something on a grand scale. Perhaps you’ll be tempted to buy a red sports car, divorce the present spouse and take off for a different destination than any you’ve pursued before. Then again, piling up those speeding tickets may settle you down more than anything else.

And if you’re still trying to work through your adolescent angst, Saturn will take care of that, as you age from 57 to 70. Amazing how The Taskmaster can curb those wild impulses. Don’t lose your sense of humor even if you lose your 401k. And don’t be surprised if you sell the red sports car and buy a bike instead. Just as breezy but not as hard on the retirement funds.

Uranus comes along to add a bit of murky mystery as you navigate the years from 70 to 84. Give your natal position of Herschel’s planet a little more leeway and see what transpires in your daily life. You have the stars’ backing to embark on the career you’ve always secretly wanted – or at least a close approximation.

The years 84 to 99 aren’t guaranteed for the present two older generations, the Boomers and the X Generation, but most of them will have a very good shot at living to be 99 if not 100. These aging members, under the sway of that unpredictable planet Neptune, may have to take a job of some sort simply to make ends meet, particularly if Social Security gets defunded by Congress. However, that’s such a politically-charged issue, I wouldn’t put too much dread in it.

Finally, Pluto, ruler of atomic power and a master at tearing things down in order to build something new, guides the years from 99 to 115, really ruling with an iron hand. Just because this planet is small, don’t underestimate it. A nuclear bomb doesn’t have to have a huge amount of fuel to wreak utter destruction. But don’t press that button without careful consideration.

And there you have it – a quick rundown of the Chronocrators, and a promise that I shall find a more intriguing subject for next week’s post.

A little boredom is good for the soul’s stamina. But enough is enough, too. – MZ