Beyond groovy

self-portrait, A. R. Tist

Like, wow to infinity! Don’t know if you readers heard about the mix-up with Madame Zombra a short while ago, but we got the schedule worked out. And everything was cool, I thought.

And then I get a call to go over to the Write Up The Road campus where the majority partner wants to meet with me.

And I’m going, like, “What did I do? Why does the CEO want to see me?” So I bike over there and get up to the corner office and the receptionist isn’t there; out to lunch, and it’s just me and the CEO. Gulp.

I’m invited to sit down, which like, I’m glad because if I don’t I may just fold up on the floor, you know?

You know this is the Twentieth Anniversary of Write Up The Road Publishing & Media, right? Yeah, they’ve been in business that long. Now they’re thinking about changing directions and doing something different. So the CEO mentions they’ve got an editor who’s going to be working on ‘all things cat,’ and another is finishing up the original focus of the firm, all the trucking books, especially the series, that need to be completed. Just then a really tall dude ambles down the hall and the CEO goes, “Hey, Randy, come and meet A. R. Tist!”

We shake hands and Randy Stark, much-published stand-up poet and the Poetry Editor for WUTR, says, “Welcome aboard, Tist.”

Man, I know my mouth is hanging open, and I’m thinking, ‘Aboard? Aboard what?’

The CEO chuckles and says, “I haven’t asked him yet, Mr. Stark.”

Now I’m really getting worried. Madame Zombra must’ve done my chart and it stinks or something. Ask me to quit writing, ’cause my blog is just so bad? Tell me to get lost? OMG. What if they want me to cut my hair and – shave? Panic attack time!

Turns out the CEO is offering me a gig; a chance to have fun and showcase my art at the same time. They’re considering publishing a line of coloring books for adults – and they want me to design the cover and do the coloring pages inside. I’m completely. blown. away.

I’ve never been the kind of artist that looked down my nose at making a living doing art; you know, eating somewhat regularly and having bus fare when it’s raining, things like that. And if that’s being a commercial artist, well – far out. I’m all over that noise.

So, I’ll keep you all posted, man. This is one truly cool gig. My folks are going to be shocked, but in a chill way. And hey, when my first coloring book comes out – get yourself some gel pens or watercolor pencils or heck, crayons, I don’t care – and buy my book and let me know what you like about it.

Arthur Remington Tist at your service. #onedimensionalartist Hey, I may have to get a new hashtag.