Time to Dress Up – You Owe It to Yourself

Give yourself something to look forward to when this current two-week sequestration is over. Pick out your favorite outfit, whether it’s a comfortable suit, a fancy dress, that pair of jeans which fit you perfectly – and check it over to get it ready. Find that great belt, polish the best shoes to go with it, iron the blouse or shirt. Cuff links? Jewelry?

Now hang it out where you can see it every day, and enjoy planning where you want to wear it for your first trip out of the house after doing your part to halt the spread of Covid-19. So what if you wind up wearing fancy dress to the grocery store? Aren’t you celebrating?

What’s to celebrate? You’re alive and well. That’s definitely worth celebrating. Salud!

1 thought on “Time to Dress Up – You Owe It to Yourself”

  1. Terrific idea. Areas of my closet haven’t been visited in years; I’m sure I can put an ACV look together. After all, “every girl crazy ’bout a sharp dressed man.” LOL

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