Two Poems

 Memorial service at one church,
 Wedding at another church,
 Allowing me to scour sinks and toilets,
 Take meteor showers,
 Drink whisky sours,
 Disinfect countertops, mop floors,
 Sign guest books, send gifts,
 A pale witness 
 In mid hush
 On a rainy day. 
 He felt something bad on Good Friday.
 So we looked it up.
 Blood pressure drugs may spur ear wax,
 Study finds.
 So my dad
 He got weird there for awhile.
 Went totally agro.
 Slept in a bento box.
 I was like dude.
 You need to tell your doctor.
 He needs to know.
 The doctor needs to know. 

© 2021 Randy Stark

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