‘Tis the season of power outages, slushy sidewalks and ear-chilling blasts of wind, or non-stop rain and dreary skies days on end. Who doesn’t visualize a vacation to someplace far removed from snow shovels and raincoats? Let’s see what appeals to the first six Sun Signs for a vacation destination – and remember to try several options virtually before buying tickets. Also, if the suggestions for your Sun Sign don’t interest you, check out ideas which could entice your Moon Sign or Ascendant.

Aries: A murder mystery tour would appeal to you, and one taking place during a short train trip would have you behaving like Hercule Poirot in no time. Maybe a walk-through maze or labyrinth would be just right for something totally different. If you’re mired at home for the weekend, borrow, rent or stream movies you’d never, ever buy ordinarily – something from the frothy 40’s perhaps, or the Beatles’ “A Hard Day’s Night” “Lonesome Dove” or the “Rocky Horror Picture Show.” Give your mindset a good jolt.

Taurus: A BnB somewhere in the woods, perhaps? While some Taurus folks enjoy camping, with that Venus rulership, ‘glamping’ is much preferred. (If you can’t stay somewhere with all the comforts of home, then why leave home?) Taurus, you may wish to see some of the great artistic masterpieces in noted museums. Or find a quick class teaching the basics of watercolor or oil painting and create your own living room focal point. Perhaps a cooking class or tour of restaurants in the nearest big city interests your curiosity and your tastebuds.

Gemini: Parasailing or parachuting? (Only in ideal weather, of course.) Maybe plan ahead for a trip out west to board a hot air balloon in the fall. Finding someplace the two of you will enjoy shouldn’t be too difficult, unless one Twin likes city style and the other Twin wants to go rustic. You might book a hotel room in an old swanky treasure which still offers room service. Pretend you’re a movie star from the 50’s. Dress the part – look like Marilyn Monroe, Clark Gable, Bette Davis. See if you can find clothing from that era at a thrift store and act out your version of “Sunset Boulevard.” You may invent a new cosplay for yourselves.

Moonchild: The country, county or city of origin for your family was _______________. See if there are relations there with your surname, and further explore the geographic labels to find a river, lake or small town sharing your name as well. Become a genealogy sleuth, and locate a castle or an island which sheltered your ancestors. (Hopefully not Pitcairn Island.) Learn to speak the language of your homeland if you don’t already, and explore its nuances online before travel. Sign up for exchanging letters with a native to polish your vocabulary and ensure you have new friends to visit on your next trip.

Leo: Are there movies or TV specials filmed close enough to your home so you could drive to an open casting call for extras? You’ll probably have to contact your Chamber of Commerce or local Tourism Board to find any movies being made currently, but your innate love of the theatre, costume, makeup and stage craft would find such a vacation an absolute enchantment. Or perhaps you and some friends could make your own mini-movie. There’s been a trend to film a short play or mini-movie using an iphone as the camera, and you may wish to explore that further. Lock yourself in a motel room for three days and write the screenplay! Unleash your creativity and follow where it leads.

Virgo: Learning something completely foreign to your everyday life has strong appeal. While you can’t become an expert at a new craft or skill in only a week or two, you can acquire a fair degree of competency. (Remember, even a Virgo cannot achieve perfection.) Take one-on-one drawing lessons from a moonlighting art professor, or a quick course in vegan cooking. Find out whether you have an affinity for horseback travel. Rent a small RV, throw an overnight bag aboard and drive to the nearest state line. Then work your way back home, stopping at every bookstore, crafts shop and flea market or yard sale you can find.

We’ll cover the next six Sun Signs next week. Until then, give yourself time for a little day-dreaming and plan your vacation. It can’t happen until you visualize it.    – MZ

#Madame Zombra