What is astrology?

IMO, astrology is more of a philosophy than an exact science. Science it may not be, yet completely dismissing ‘something’ that figures minutes and seconds in orb calculations seems to ignore a system that perhaps has more to offer than the shallow public perception of it.

Astrology is what you make it. It can be an early-warning system of sorts. Watching the stars and planetary configurations and applying the ancient stargazers’ definitions of their journeys and permutations can tell you difficult times are ahead, or the portents of war are rising in the east, or perhaps serious consequences may attend your current set of reckless actions. You may also choose only to read your daily forecast or perhaps buy an ‘occult’ magazine with a month’s worth of predictions for each sign. It can be the subject of many years’ study, as in my own case, or a more refined party game, beyond the somewhat vulgar ‘Twister’ and not requiring as much concentration as ‘Trivial Pursuit’ or even ‘Charades.’ Singles have used astrology for many years as an introductory gambit. You are aware that some major corporations use handwriting analysis to winnow their new applicants. What would stop an astute HR department from also having someone’s chart drawn up, to see if he or she would be a good fit in that specialty?

So there are those of us who read, and study, and yes, wonder at the new discoveries of black holes, quarks, neutrinos and the God particle. Why would Mark Twain remark that he came in with Halley’s Comet, and so he would go out with it – and he died the same year the comet appeared again. Coincidence? Self-fulfilling prophecy? Or is there truly a synchronicity to the universe and our own very small selves?

I suspect the latter. While each of us may not be of huge interest to the world at large, each human has a role to fill and a place on this plane that is unique to him or her and the experiences of being a thinking entity here for a longer or shorter span of time.

Astrologers also debate predestination, the true role environment plays in shaping personality and free will. As has been said before in this column and many other astrologers’ writings, the stars impel, they do not compel. You are free to make that Mars/Saturn square in your natal chart a tremendous asset of sheer determination, achieving success against all odds. Or you may choose to become a criminal mastermind. And hundreds of other paths are open to you as well.

I hope your curiosity has been nudged by something written in one of my previous columns. If so, use the energy released by today’s Full Moon and penumbral eclipse to pursue what intrigued you. May the stars guide you on your journey to the most wonderful ‘you’ ever achieved in all your incarnations.

Blessings … and peace.          MZ