All the Kingdom’s Reimagineers

Bitingly bold visionaries paired
With a team on the ground
And new ground rules.
There’s Lilith from Lilith has Three Bboys.
Perusing the Popol Vuh.
She is so babe.
Hongo, one of Lilith’s three bboys,
Mr. Breathe Faster and Hope it Goes Away,
Wakes bezaggled every choresy morning.
There’s Leonardo de Capricorn
The super functional courtesy clerk,
Perpetually putting his heart before the coarse.
There’s Julia ‘Redhawk’ Wimple,
The Daredevils wideout.
She’s always day to day.
Pique-o de Guy-O,
Retired Marine Corps Master Sergeant.
And America’s favorite househusband.
Jet Dawson, Lucky Savage (a girl), and Outlaw Burns
From The Lord’s Rapid Response team.
They caught the crowd’s fancy.
Blitzed Woofer, the grilled swordfish tweeter,
Honoring, featuring, and powered by
Parliament and Funkadelic.
Justeen Thyme, keen judge of peanut brittle,
Grimacing like a Cheshire emergency vehicle,
On the southside, looking in, leaning in, diving deep.
Hood ornaments like Gnat King Coleslaw,
D’whyte Yolkum and Rusty Green
The Honorable Glint Leastwood.
And their job is to heal the people,
Save the planet,
Embrace the universe.

© 2020 Randy Stark

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