Who was that masked person?

Let’s set aside the awful news for a moment and consider some unusual reasons for wearing your mask today.

  • No one can see all of your wrinkles. This is definitely a plus.
  • If you’ve had a pastrami sandwich and potato salad with onions, who cares?
  • Color-coordinating your mask colors or pattern with your clothes, tie or sweats for that day does actually give you a little boost.
  • You can pretend to be a Hollywood Super Hero for a few hours, while helping protect the real heroes on the front lines.
  • The dog and cat dander won’t make you sneeze nearly as much when you visit Aunt Martha.
  • It’s a little easier to wash your teenager’s gym socks.
  • Cooking corned beef and cabbage won’t be so – olfactory.
  • Changing a diaper isn’t quite as daunting.
  • You’re setting a good example for anyone younger than you are.
  • Anyone who’s lost a dear friend or other loved one to Covid-19 will thank you for keeping your germs to yourself.

Just consider what it did for the careers of the Lone Ranger, Bruce Wayne and Salome.