“You can do it”

Bob Ross – Photo courtesy of Wikipedia

Yeah, like, someone called my bluff last week and wanted to know just where they could learn to paint like Bob Ross.

That’s when the net is really beyond cool.

YouTube has every episode of “The Joy of Painting” hosted and taught by Bob Ross and you can access those episodes by doing a quick search on YouTube itself. I know a lot of people and some artists kind of put him down, but what I always admired about Bob was his easygoing assurance that anyone could learn to paint – “You can do it.” And many people did learn from him, at least so they could enjoy painting as a hobby and not be so bummed out by the tech stuff they’d never pick up a brush again.

So grab a look at the official channel, paint along for a sec and see if it’s something that lights your fire.

I hope it does, because art is a really groovy center for someone’s life, and it has no expiration date on learning or enjoying it.

Peace to you, and may you paint many ‘happy little clouds.’ A.R. Tist