Your own worst enemy

We all know people who can’t seem to ‘get it together’ and make a success of their lives. A natal chart can help in determining what may be the problem, and also suggest ways of dealing with it – or overcoming it altogether. Stop being your own worst enemy and learn to work with your aspects, not against them.

For example, do you find yourself blurting out secrets someone else has entrusted to your care? This may be indicated by Mercury in your 12th house, the sign of subconscious activity, hidden agendas – and secrets. Check your chart. If you have Mercury in the house preceding your Sun, you need to remind yourself not to reveal information given to you in confidence. For example, your Sun Sign is Cancer. Your Mercury is in Gemini. Gemini loves to communicate, but you’ll keep your friends longer if you don’t pass along juicy bits of gossip.

What if you can’t manage to have a second date with someone, even if you thought there was quite a spark there? If you have your natal Mars square (roughly three signs away from) your Venus, you’re ‘coming on’ too strong towards your new interest. While you may consider your behavior bold and daring, the other person may see you as too aggressive – and wanting too much, too soon. Relax. Relationships aren’t built in two or even five ‘dates.’ Especially in these perilous times, learning more about someone’s career, or spare time hobbies, or whether they like to go camping, ‘yard sale-ing’ or shop along Rodeo Drive will get you a better picture of the person you wish to pursue. Remember, they’re wanting to know many more details about you too.

Do you go overboard in your spending when your natal Second House of money is affected by the transiting Moon? Or, conversely, do you suddenly make Ebenezer Scrooge look like a Big Spender? A good example of the latter would be a Sagittarius, whose Second House is Capricorn, suddenly deciding not to pick up the check, or buy that race horse, or get that expensive fly-fishing rod. Financial experts say it’s always better to delay impulsive purchases, especially if they involve a rather large amount of money. Ordinary folks will tell you they wait two or three days before the final ‘to buy or not to buy’ decision – and that’s the length of time the transiting Moon spends in a sign. But of course, there’s nothing to astrology, and it’s all hogwash anyway.

As a final example for this column, what about people who have their natal Mars and Mercury in the same sign? Let’s make it really interesting, and say Person A has his Mars and Mercury both in Scorpio, within two degrees of each other. Poor Person B often feels as though he’s been flayed alive, when Person A lets his natural wit go beyond sarcasm to sheer vituperation. Even family members will avoid calling or talking to Person A if they can, with his withering criticism and emotionally pain-inducing sneers. Someone needs to pull Person A aside and tell him the walking wounded around him will someday retaliate – and he’ll find himself alone and abandoned. Just as a friendly warning, see if you can find a full-blooded Triple Scorpio (Sun, Moon and Ascendant in Scorpio) to deliver that message – or the hapless messenger will undoubtedly be shot.

There are fascinating details in everyone’s natal chart, no matter how they cast their lives as dull and mundane.  – MZ