Power to Victory

 What you’re gonna wanna do is you’re gonna wanna
 Discover your mystery points offer.
 Imagine a sort of utopia
 Way down in the middle of Mississippi.
 Build an advocacy tool kit.
 Take the lead.
 Give it time.
 Learn what it takes to
 Protect yourself from sunscald.
 Report abuse.
 Set the internet ablaze.
 Turn your thoughts into 
 Home ports for aircraft carriers.
 Share what it is like to be a superstar.
 Spin up from mute to vibrate.
 Remember your most treasured Disney+ moments.
 Work from home in a wet suit.
 Change all your appliances to stainless steel black.
 Take the guesswork out of gender reassignment.
 Get the app.
 Tap into, saddle up, latch onto, lean in.
 God shed Their grace on thee!
 So go ahead and start planning your dream vacation.
 Book early and save.
 Call today for a custom quote.
 Power to victory.
 No costo extra. 

© 2021 Randy Stark

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