A change

Hello, favorite readers:

Some very interesting questions from readers and an oversight on my part in the astrology basics which I’ve been sketching for the past weeks have led me to a change. That change is to move my regular column to Wednesdays, the day of the week ruled by Mercury, the planet of communications, among many other subjects.

Any example or reference which can be used by readers to enhance their experience of astrology should be employed by me and the point which it’s explaining made clear. Therefore, this Wednesday I shall take up the houses and hopefully clarify some murky areas.

With a calculated ‘boost’ from Mercury in making astrological interpretations less esoteric and frankly, too wordy, I hope to provide all of you with knowledge that will be both useful and intriguing every Wednesday. Thank you for your continued readership and also your questions; they’re concise, well thought out, and pertinent. I appreciate them very much.

Until Wednesday …

The change in posting should provide me with more time to simplify and forgo the fancy vocabulary in favor of illumination. – MZ


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