Several readers have asked for more clarification on some points in previous columns. So let’s put ourselves into a temporary retrograde mode (a little astrology humor) and get a bit more background before we discuss what the Seventh through the Twelfth Houses represent in general.

To begin: Every Natal Chart has twelve houses, or twelve ‘pieces of pie’ and the First House, or beginning point, for anyone’s chart is their Ascendant. The Ascendant is the sign the Sun was in during the birth of the native. (Note the person referred to as the ‘native’ is the one whose Natal Chart is under discussion.)

We’re not going to get into the transiting Sun and its every two hours sign shift, nor the Equal House system as opposed to the Placidian and so on. Too many complications spoil the enjoyable discussion of astrology.

The houses and the personality ‘quirks’ each represent contribute more details as to the native’s life, employment, likelihood of marrying, general health and so on. But keep in mind knowing your Houses isn’t necessary for you to discover more about your Sun and Moon signs, because these luminaries are the most important astrological influences in your life. Exploring more about these will absorb many hours and be frankly enjoyable, because who doesn’t like reading about him or herself?

Now let’s return to a brief discussion of the remaining Houses, beginning with the Seventh House.

Traditionally, the Seventh House rules partnerships, close friendships and marriage. It’s also said to describe the partners the naïve is likely to be attracted to and to attract. This House may describe in many instances the ‘fair or foul’ way the native treats entities in the world, thus depicting the innate karma the native is accumulating.

The Eighth House is one that may give people pause, as it rules over matters dealing with the death of the native, inheritances, joint resources such as money belonging to the native’s business or marriage partner and insurance and tax matters. Funerals and wills of course are highlighted here as well. Rest assured however, a reputable astrologer will not look at a chart and gasp about ‘sudden demise as depicted in the stars.’ Should this happen to you, leave immediately, because, dear reader, you’re dealing with a charlatan.

In the Ninth House dwell the influences of philosophy, organized religions and higher education. Teaching and publishing enter here also, as those nonsecular and collective thought concepts will be taught to the children. Acting towards others in a civilized and courteous manner may be emphasized as a part of culture or indigenous heritage.

Career is one of the main focus points of the Tenth House along with your business and professional reputation. It can describe the native’s position in the world, whether very important or relatively insignificant, and the amount of ambition present. Hard work, self-discipline and patience also come into play here. Planets in this House can give the native clues as to eventual legacy or best choice for a profession.

Friendships and focus groups, and how willing the native is to work for the common good of the community, neighborhood or even family may be shown here in the Eleventh House. Whether the native greets new ideas with pleasure or suspicion can also be indicated, and how innovative or creative the inner resources are.

Finally, the Twelfth House holds sway over the native’s subconscious mind and typical responses to situations, since many people are unaware of their reasons for behaving as they do, not having done sufficient self-examination. There again, this House also shows the better part of humanity, as it depicts the native’s sympathy towards other people and a desire to help the needy or suffering.

We will take up another aspect of astrology next Wednesday, dear readers. Until then.

If only we’d kept the old calendar, with twelve months of thirty days each and that lovely, fun-filled bacchanalia for the last five days of the year …  – MZ


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  1. “The Ascendant is the sign the Sun was in during the birth of the native.”

    So if my August 21 calendar birth date makes me a Leo, is that the same as my Ascendant? And does that automatically put me in the 8th house? And is there any correlation to August being the 8th month?

    thank you.

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