A reminder: Project Gutenberg

Since it looks as though either nasty winter weather or the need for social distancing may have more of us staying home currently, here’s a quick reminder that you may find useful.

Project Gutenberg ( http://www.gutenberg.org/help/new_website.html ) now has over 60,000 books you may read and enjoy online or download to peruse at your leisure, gratis. There are likely some books in your home that are the volumes you intend to read ‘someday’ : history books, which you need to read to understand current events, or instructional books about necessary projects for your home, or dreary textbooks; novels bought at the last yard sale you wandered through, a paperback handed on to you by a friend.

Far more interesting to browse thousands of volumes which can be delved into for no other reason than enjoyment.

So, enjoy your hunt for the perfect book to while away an evening or three. A good book can absorb your attention and distract you from worry. No batteries needed.