A sabbatical

Sometimes there are impediments to doing all we wish to do; hence a sabbatical may be the most practical course.

I have enjoyed opening the study of astrology to perhaps some new readers these past weeks. The opportunity to discuss one of my favorite subjects is not to be dismissed lightly, nor the chance to perhaps encourage a drooping spirit in these ‘perilous times.’ I shall be happy to ‘guest blog’ here at Write Up The Road when Mercury again goes retrograde, to apprise our readers of the need for caution and practical application of planetary indications.

Readers of other of my columns and, shall we call it “previous dabblings,” in other settings have encouraged me to consider writing an ebook or two about astrology and its fascinating permutations. So I shall immerse myself in so doing as the new year begins and hope yet rises again for humans and other species on this plane.

Peace and blessings to you; may 2021 be a year in which your life becomes less fraught with worry and difficulty, and includes matters dear to your heart which had to be laid aside for this last dreadful year. Be thankful for all that has not been taken from you, and know whatever has been lost along the way will be restored in a wonderful manner. We must hold positive thoughts so the year which the locusts have eaten may be dismissed and this next year bring good challenges, prosperity and calm to us all.

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