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Spot the King of Planets: Observe Jupiter - NASA Science

Photo of Jupiter, courtesy of NASA

Jupiter, everyone’s favorite planet. And remaining in Taurus until October 9, 2024. You’ll also recall, dear readers, that it was in conjunction with Uranus on April 20.

If I were you, I’d use this almost-six months of time to really consider what dreams you’ve had but not done much about them. This is a chance to do more than just positive thinking. Take out your biggest goals, the wondrous wishes you’ve hardly dared to voice even to yourself, and start really believing in yourself. Make new plans to set your sight on the horizon and keep on going, clambering through the mud, the rough terrain, ignoring the snickers and the naysayers.

As the current generations would have it, YOLO (You Only Live Once). At the end of life, most people have their bitterest regrets over the things they didn’t do, as opposed to the things they did. There must be another chance hidden in your life for you to achieve that one special ambition.

I wish you may do exactly that. MZ

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