Treasure in unlikely places

It’s not cool to just blatantly post ads for products or stores if you’re getting bread for doing it, but since no one’s offering or accepting even a tip for letting readers know about a place to look for art supplies, there’s no guilt trip laid on me.

And I’m talking about Five Below, a really almost funky store that many people over the age of fourteen haven’t yet heard of – but older folks need to know about it. Get yourself to the nearest location if you need stretched canvases, gel pens, watercolor or acrylic paint (in small quantities), fine line drawing pens, pastels or calligraphy supplies and scarf up what you need. And the name’s true, dude – you’ll lay out five dollars or less for each packet of the tools I saw in their art supply area.

So if you’ve been putting yourself down for not being an accomplished ‘artiste’ yet, maybe you just need to practice, practice, practice. Like the old joke about ‘how to get to Carnegie Hall.’ And with expenses kept to bearable levels as you learn, baby, learn – no excuse not to practice now. You’ll recall I mentioned Danny Gregory for his very encouraging website, and one of the things he extols is drawing every day – even if you think you’re terrible.

So, like, finish reading my post, then go check out Gregory’s site for more encouragement, then ankle down to a Five Below near you. And the rest is history, man. A.R. Tist

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