Now, dear readers, we resume our little jaunt through some of the wildest terrain astrology has to offer – Pluto transiting Aquarius. Remember, Mars conjoining those unfathomable energies of destruction or construction was the lighted fuse for a long journey to your best self.

Cancer: June 22-July 22

Moonchildren are intuitive to begin with, and a Pluto transit simply ‘turns up’ the volume of what they receive by means other than the five senses. Your emotions are going to be challenged, microscopically examined (by you, I hope, and none others) and then reshaped into what serves you best, whether it’s a more outward-directed attitude towards meeting new people or quietly observing your feelings being proven correct. Pluto is usually labeled as being the planet which destroys in order to rebuild, and this is where the difficult part of the twenty-year progression is coming into play for you. A Moonchild gives up on people, relationships, possessions, money with great difficulty and many painful wrenches may be in store. But you will survive, and you will lay the foundations of better work, wiser choices and a truly valuable education for not just your generation but the many coming after you – and so the world will continue, although not in its original form. You may leave your old haunts, including your childhood neighborhood, in order to find solace in a completely different environment, particularly if a long-term relationship has come to its end. Just as the Moon goes through many phases, so your life ebbs and flows – but you always have an anchor readily available of memories. Cherish these.

Leo: July 23-August 22

Under Pluto’s influence in your seventh house of relationships, Leo, you may find a new romantic love, an altruistic cause or simply cut the ties to friendships and working partnerships that no longer value your skills and contributions. Your foremost relationship needs to be with yourself – and as the old adage says, “If you can’t love yourself, no one else will either.” Harsh, but once you find the simple pleasures in watching the movie you really want to see, or eating peanut butter and crackers for dinner or going for a walk in the park with only a stray dog for company, you may realize that yes, you are your best friend, just as it should be. Too, if you’ve behaved more like a hermit over the years, then get ready for major changes as your new social circle forms. Your life may be transformed, no matter what your chronological age, and you allow yourself to peer into a future that isn’t as bleak as you may have thought it was going to be. Connections with others will grow stronger as new associates become better known to you. Perhaps you’ll observe a small group of people engaged in their favorite pastime, whether it’s remote-controlled model aircraft being flown or dropping by a neighborhood bowling alley on league night – and being asked to sub. Give in to that Pluto push on your back and take a small, safe risk.

Virgo: August 23-September 22

Take care of your body and your health; establish new routines and better eating habits – and then once all of these are simple, everyday habits, go enjoy yourself with new mental pursuits. Join a chess club, find an ordinary person overseas who’d like to tell you about their life in exchange for news about yours, and above all, write that book. As you age, don’t give in to the constant media chant about ‘what’s usual or appropriate’ for someone who’s counted quite a few birthdays already. Be like the cat Mehitabel, of Don Marquis’ archy and mehitabel columns in the old Chicago Sun – “There’s life in the old gal [or guy] yet, archy.” Find nine new lives for yourself and take a secret vow to enjoy each and every one of them. If you embarrass the grandkids, challenge them to join you instead of complaining. If the neighbors talk, sweetly inform them you’re researching your newest murder mystery, and do they want to be part of the plot? Do your best to discard bad memories, worn-out clothes that aren’t worth being upcycled, and friends who never call you back. Get rid of clutter – yes, even a Virgo can have that dreaded form of slime mold sneak into your home – remind yourself that junk represents on the outside the mental clutter inside that’s draining your creativity. Your health routine is now set, and operating on autopilot. About time.

Libra: September 23-October 22

Expect your creativity to come in waves, keeping you up nights finishing a painting, a lavishly embroidered blouse or that set of hand-carved bookends for your remote work desk. Libra, Pluto is going to push you – hard – to do all those hobbies you looked at but never took up, the models you never completed, the antiques you set back in the garage and didn’t refinish. The projects which were part of your self-expression are going to return, to find out whether you’ve gone on to different interests but kept the same talents. If you lack the self-confidence to go back to acting class, or join the local little theatre, know that Pluto is going to get you behind the footlights ‘come hell or high water.’ Change what you don’t like about yourself; then step out into new friendships and absorbing work that doesn’t become stultifying week after week. You can do this. You are a valuable individual. If you’ve slipped into bad habits – eating or drinking too much, excessive dependence on chemically soothing yourself after a rough day at work – grow bigger than the pitfalls and feel yourself growing into the artist, the actor, the author you were meant to be. Ancient texts say we all deliberately chose the life path we’re on, but if it’s negative, we’re meant to surmount it. You have the intelligence and the will to do just that. This world needs you.

Scorpio: October 23-November 21

Your fourth house of the home is due for a good shaking-up, Scorpio – and you can blame your planetary ruler, Pluto, for all the drama on the home front. You may find yourself battling old family traditions that no longer help anyone (especially you) or trying to transform your relationships with parents and siblings, only to wonder if anyone’s really even listening to you. After careful consideration of what you’re trying to achieve, and calm decisions, realize you’ll have the extra strength and firmness to enact those decisions and live your own life as you see best. Pluto can be a help as well as an instigator in these times of near-crisis. Remember, you have a very long time to get everything right – about twenty years or so for this particular transit – so don’t feel compelled to rush into total change and absolute carved-in-stone declarations on your part towards the family. Those old issues are going to be painful for everyone involved to try and resolve them, so please do sit back and let others have the time to mull things over. Without anyone issuing demands, all of you may find common ground much sooner than it would seem. The family skeletons could be laid to rest. And then all of you will move forward without the emotional baggage of generations holding everyone back.

Sagittarius: November 22-December 21

Communication must be your touchstone in the coming decades, Sagittarius. If you need to explain what you’re thinking to someone dear to you several times, please take the time to do so – because, remember, they’re experiencing their own Pluto impulses and dredging up possibly painful what-I-should-have-done episodes from their past. Be your real self in all encounters and intimate moments. Don’t fake anything just to keep from possibly hurting someone’s feelings, because finding out you weren’t really straightforward with them will hurt deeply enough to leave scars. Take time to be by yourself and really consider what makes you happy in your life and especially in dealing with the others in your circle. Read some books on the power of the mind and ponder whether you’re making the most of your thinking and intuition. If your goals are only easy ones, and you know deep down you’re really dissatisfied with them for being a bit shallow, now is the time to find a purpose to your life. As a natural teacher, you may find you enjoy sharing what you just learned – and people will react well towards the information you’re sharing. You can be a force for good right in your own home, neighborhood or small town. Join with other like-minded people in large cities to see genuine change, because in urban instances, many voices carry more weight.

Capricorn: December 22-January 19

Pluto in your second house of money, banking, finance and so on is likely to resemble a tsunami or at least an earthquake for Capricorns during this transit. Make sure you’ve chosen a well-respected financial advisor and not just your cousin’s brother-in-law, because the next twenty years are likely to be crucial as to when (or if) you retire, or buy a home or marry and start a family. Very weighty life choices are going to be made, and while you generally have the money side of them figured out, you may find emotions roiling and boiling to the surface unexpectedly. There’s no sense in you buying a van, fitting it out as a camper and taking off impulsively. The same disturbances from Pluto’s energy will still be with you. whether you’re acting like a typical Sea Goat or not. But in the long run, you’ll be happier if you stay put and give careful consideration to what it is you want from your best life. Your attitude toward money, security and yes, your self worth can undergo massive changes. You’ve heard the comment about ‘when you’re at the end of your rope, tie a knot in it and hang on.’ You will face that apparent situation time after time until you clearly see what financial stability means in your life, and how much of a nest egg you need to sleep soundly at night. You can make the best changes in your life. Pluto will help. Hang on.

Aquarius: January 20-February 18

O, boy, someone has to have Pluto in their first house for the next twenty years or so, and it looks like you’ve drawn that card, Aquarius! But don’t despair (as if an Aquarian was given to doing such), because I’d bet on you figuring out how to turn Pluto’s influence to your advantage, delighting in spectacular new beginnings which are lining up with your name on them. By the end of this particular transit, you may feel as if you’ve been reborn – and others in your family and friends may suggest such to you. Just be careful when dealing with your own need for control of situations and drive for power. If yours is the only cool head in the room during a crisis of some kind, of course everyone else there will look to you for guidance. So deal calmly with the situation, straighten things out, and then – step back. Don’t give in to Pluto’s negative energy and figure this is your chance to seize the reins. Share the power whenever you’re able, and listen to others’ solutions when they offer them. That can be the best way to ensure everyone on your team comes through with minimal bruises and fractures. In other words, step up when you’re needed to lead, but do so with grace and a sense of humor. Then you can anticipate being not just a leader, but one revered by your fellow citizens and honored by history.

Pisces: February 19-March 20

This transit may see you beginning a long and arduous spiritual journey, Pisces, but if that’s what Pluto leads you to, then know the ending of your innermost journey will be worth all the searching, the questions and the years of work. You may become the George Harrison of your particular circle, as you quietly lead others to their own truth and gently persuade them to release whatever is harming them, whether it’s drugs, alcohol or terribly negative relationships. You’ll receive the gift of seeing what you need and what they need, so that everyone arrives together, pleased to be companions and fellow pilgrims on the journey of a lifetime. Forging a strong bond with your higher self is a necessary component of this transit. Don’t lose sight of more ordinary and earthly things in your pursuit of spirituality, however; everyone must have mundane things such as food, water and a place to rest. You may want to discard possessions and release old animosities as the months and years go by; this is to be expected. But you needn’t live in a barrel and wander the streets searching for the truth. Know your heart, your mind and your soul. Stay healthy, rest frequently and don’t attempt to absorb a lifetime of lessons in a few months. The ancient scripts and teachings will appear as you’re ready to learn them. Be at peace with your search.

Hopefully these hints will help all of you as you gird your loins and prepare to respond to Pluto’s summons. – MZ