Add a little Mars

Mars 2003

Mars photo from NASA Image Library, Copyright free

Last week I mentioned the potential changes occurring for years to come from Pluto ensconcing itself in Aquarius, with a brief return to Capricorn just for the hell of it.

Now, this past Valentine’s Day (also Ash Wednesday this year) , did you notice anything unusual about the vibes shimmering in that twenty-four hour span? If you did, congratulations – you’ve developed an ‘astrological sixth sense’ about major changes beginning to percolate through the Universe – because Mars, the Red Planet, the God of War, added itself to the mix and became conjunct Pluto, the enigmatic ticking time bomb.

People born on the cusp of Capricorn and Aquarius (January 19/20) probably felt somewhat uneasy without knowing exactly why, but rest assured, these folks aren’t the only ones who are going to feel ‘the earth move under their feet’ . Their own Sun Sign degree would also have been conjunct that dynamic meeting of Pluto and Mars at 0 degrees and 45 minutes in Aquarius. That may have been the day they left a long-term relationship, bought the plane ticket to Portugal, carried their desk’s contents out to their car in a box or otherwise had some definitive and probably abrupt change in their lives. If not, they may rest assured one is coming.

Because that same abrupt change is coming for all of us. Think of Pluto like that time bomb mentioned above, and regard Mars as its short fuse. Lives are going to feel the changes rippling through whatever area of your chart Aquarius rules, so hang on and keep reading. I’d also advise you to not be satisfied with reading just my article about this (although I’d be flattered), but instead read everything you can get your hands on about possible effects of this merely hours-long conjunction and especially about the shifts Pluto is going to mastermind in your home, your work, your relationships, your future and your place in the new configuration of Earth and its inhabitants.

Let’s look a little more into Sun Signs and the area of your Natal Chart which is going to be under Pluto’s sway for roughly twenty years or so. Mars, having touched off the ‘explosion,’ has gone on to traverse the rest of its cycle, but we can examine what may transpire for each of you, dear readers, and thereby warn you to get ready. As a rule of thumb, if you were born in the first third of your Sun Sign, expect many dramatic changes in your social circle for the next six to seven years. If you were born during the second third of your Sun Sign, you can look for people entering and leaving your life, bringing changes quite frequently in 2031-2038. And for the last third of of your Sun Sign’s assigned time period, keep a sharp lookout for drama queens to be removed from the throne and your true friends to rally around you in a crisis (or several of them) from 2039 to 2046.

Aries: March 21-April 19

Aquarius is your eleventh house, Aries, so you’ll be confronting your friends’ actual feelings about you and your lifestyle for the next two decades or so. Those of you who make friends among your co-workers may find remote work dissolving those relationships, or all of you being ordered back to the office may result in a mass walk-out. You’ll be able to read subtle undercurrents while completing your projects, but may not have much input on the skirmishes and smaller battles that could lead to open warfare among the cubicles and corner offices. You may build a new professional association and work towards goals held by the group, as well as embracing new ideas and projects brought forth by others. Various humanitarian endeavors may be the focus of your new group and true, lasting change can be built as all of you work together. You may experience deep satisfaction and fulfillment when goals are reached, and at the end of the twenty years or so, can feel you truly made a contribution toward the betterment of all. Communication skills, honed by much practice, and clear thinking applied to long-standing problems can actually accomplish what may seem impossible at the starting point. With a common objective, the camaraderie formed within your hard-working group will become true friendships.

Taurus: April 20-May 20

Your professional reputation (in the political arena?) may be examined minutely and continuously during the years between now and your probable retirement, if you’ve just gotten your career really launched, Taurus. Most members of your sign won’t be fazed by this, as Taurus builds slowly and steadily over the years, and you’re not given to illegal transactions or shoddy practices that might tempt someone else as they look for a fast profit. (Remember Caesar’s wife, who lived her life as one above reproach.) Self-discipline and hard work come naturally to you, and you don’t generally indulge in unrestrained ambition. If you allow negative forces to take over your thinking, however, and acquire a ruthless edge to your actions, seeking power and status: expect Pluto to stop you in your tracks, usually in quite a harsh manner. Under this transit, you may also realize you’ve fulfilled others’ ambitions – not yours – and you will revisit your choices, not theirs. Perhaps responsibilities weighed heavily on you, and you weren’t free to pursue an artistic or creative livelihood. You may have been the latest generation in an old and revered family institution that began to fail in the extremely modern world of today, and it was your painful duty to bring the old ship safely to port before you could captain your own craft. You may now weigh anchor and sail for the horizon of your choice.

Gemini: May 21-June 21

Pluto’s force could literally cause you such intense dissatisfaction with the religious vocation which you undertook many years ago that you resign and cut all ties with your former way of life. This planet of transformation stays in your ninth house of philosophy, religion and its institutions, law and the legal system and higher education centers for many years, contributing to hours of deep thought and heart-felt decisions. You may wish to stop practicing law, if that’s been your vocation, or perhaps surmount the barriers preventing you from serving as a judge, or teaching constitutional law rather than becoming a public defender. Overseas travel may beckon as you realize your old Gemini self is demanding to be set free from former constraints and to seek answers far from your usual daily routine. Meditation and deeply introspective, regular entries in a private journal may be habits which you feel driven to acquire over these years in order to lead a more satisfied life. You will learn to access a higher level of consciousness and inspiration, listening to your inner guidance and searching for your own connection to universal wisdom. Your own goals will become those of the ‘greatest good for the greatest number’ and you will serve that directive for the rest of your life.

I’ll continue this hopefully illuminating and encouraging column tomorrow; my time tonight grows short and so does yours, dear readers, and you can’t formulate best life choices if you’re suffering from sleep deprivation or hunger. We will meet again as promised. – MZ