Ah, yes, Mercury Retrograde

Always a surprise when a planet fulfills its snarkiest intentions.

Mercury Retrograde brought shock and sorrow as two pets were run over in the same day (Mercury Retrograde in Gemini, the Twins). My cell refused to work (Gemini, the sign of communications). Not one, but two on-call veterinarians returned my call for help for the surviving pet – 24 hours apart.

Had just finished the lettering on a special cake I’d made for a friend when the under layer of icing suddenly grew a huge bubble. ??? Gemini is an air sign, but that was ridiculous. I’d never seen something like that, even in my hundred years of baking.

And now I’m past the deadline for HeadLight, and this won’t be posted until Thursday, not Wednesday. Egad.

Well, even astrologers get the blues. See you next Monday. Hopefully.

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