Grief or Butter

 The popular imagination informs my work,
 Knocking on nearly a lifetime,
 For those of you keeping score at home.
 The holy bible sleeps on its side
 Bookmarked by a receipt from a pharmacy in Dubai
 And a label off a pint of Makers from back in the day.
 We called it tripping.
 Then meditation, research, contemplation,
 Ideation to creation,
 Universalinity of Dumpsters and Dragons
 Babes ruthlessly all DayQuil and all NyQuil 
 It was like join the team.
 Spread Miracle-Bro, 
 The organic, all-natural boost
 On gloom free toast.
 Terrain constantly shifting.
 Tropes gamboling through the meadows.
 Cocoa pebbles turning milk chocolatey. 

© 2021 Randy Stark

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