America’s Sweetheart

The bus driver on the bluebonnet route
To the gingerbread clinic
Has a face like the big flower
That squirted when you tried to smell it
That I wore on my clown prince costume
When I skated all over the world
In Holiday on Ice.
Here’s me with America’s Sweetheart.
The one who almost od’d.
You heard about it.
It was pretty iffy there for awhile
But she’s out of the woods now.
The woods told her
Get the fruck out of here.
But now in the squeamish half-light
Of the bus with the outpatients from the inner city
And others discharged at 2 a.m.,
Them woods are beckoning her back.
She wasn’t really, she wanted to be
America’s Sweetheart.
I wanted her to be, too.

From ¡Simpático Patio!

I expect an autumn 2020 release date for the new and revised 15th anniversary digital edition of ¡Simpático Patio!

© 2020 Randy Stark

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