An apology

With the release of my latest book
I’ve been cavalier in proclaiming I’ve as many books as
Ron Howard has directing credits.
That statement is incorrect.
An honest mistake,
For a higher standard 
I cannot imagine.
And I have but 22 books.
Ron Howard has 27 directing credits.
I need a get humping.

1 thought on “An apology”

  1. Really, Mr. Stark, I do hope your claiming of a ‘cavalier’ attitude while mentioning your astonishing accomplishment of 22 books published as juxtaposed with Ron Howard’s 27 cinematic efforts was tongue-in-cheek.
    Think of the would-be writers who have been left gasping at your current total of volumes! Many of them, myself included, would be quite pleased with a quarter of that number published under our own names or a pen name.
    Please keep writing and publishing your work. You’re answering the demands of your natal chart. And encouraging the rest of us. – MZ

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