Another resource

I’ve found another resource for you to explore. You may be getting tired of me telling you that you’re creative, have talent you don’t know about, and you need to do something to express yourself.

Well. If you’re feeling nagged, I apologize for that – but I’m not going to stop. In an ideal world, every person would have the time and energy to release some of their hidden talents and feel more fulfilled.

Sadly, right now we don’t have an ideal world.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t investigate new things. Recently I found someone on YouTube who resonated with me, and I think he will with you too. His name is Danny Gregory, and he’s got tons of tutorials, encouragement and just plain pencil-pushing fun features on YouTube.

I think you’d be doing yourself a favor, especially if you’re one of those people who disparage themselves by saying, “Talent? For art? I can’t even draw a straight line.” Maybe you hadn’t noticed, but very little art is nothing but straight lines. (And if you need those, you can always use a ruler.)

So please check out a few of his encouraging vlogs and short talks on YouTube. And for more information about essays and classes and immersing yourself in art, go here:

Have a notebook or a blank journal handy and a pen, a marker or something to make lines with – I predict you’ll be glad you tried Danny’s way of art in everyday things. Enjoy! A.R. Tist