Bird Count

 James Tate.
 Gary Snyder.
 Anne Sexton.
 Sylvia Plath.
 Frank O’Hara.
 Lisel Mueller.
 Galway Kinnell.
 Weldon Kees.
 Randall Jarrell.
 Richard Hugo.
 Allen Ginsberg.
 Robert Duncan.
 James Dickey.
 Robert Creeley.
 Gregory Corso.
 Elizabeth Bishop.
 John Ashberry.
 Tradition is they always depart on a certain date.
 They straggle in but on a certain date they all leave.
 Reality is today is that certain date
 And they are still here. They’re gone, 
 A neighbor tells a reporter,
 As a million of them gather behind her.
 Every last one.  

© 2021 Randy Stark

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