The title of this blog is probably one of the most dreaded and disliked words in ordinary usage today. But if you’re wanting a special gift for you or someone else, or planning to make a relationship permanent; rent or buy a home or even a car, a ‘budget’ may be a useful tool for you. Many people feel a budget is just another constraint on their lifestyle, one they’d certainly rather do without. Others sigh and sit down to figure one out, knowing it’s a course generally followed by some of the wealthiest and most adept money handlers in the world. So how does your Sun sign react to that six-letter word?

Aries: March 21-April 19

Sometimes teeth-gnashing and grumbling are good releases for negative feelings, and so, dear Ram, you may indulge in these to a point. You don’t like budgets as a whole because they restrict your freedom to do what you wish with the money you’ve earned. However, there’s a very strong appeal for you in envisioning yourself as one of the privileged and wealthy upper class. You do have the determination and willpower to stick to a budget (but only if you’ve drawn it up), especially for a large and longed-for purchase. So go ahead and make your plans for that red sports car – remember to include the cost of insurance and fuel plus maintenance – and then thoroughly enjoy driving it without worrying about next month’s payment.

Taurus: April 20-May 20

I can’t decide which of the Earth signs: Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn was the young child spelling out ‘s-a-v-e’ with alphabet blocks. Or maybe the first word was ‘m-o-n-e-y’. But I’d be willing to agree a Taurus is really proficient at handling an allowance, a budget or investments whether for themselves or multiple clients. The Bull makes a very good financial advisor, and really, often follows the same plan given to clients. A Taurus can invest in fine art or good wines and see a nice return on these, simply because they know the finer points of such purchases – and also can predict the gains each may make.This would be the sign I’d choose as my money mentor; Virgo worries a little too much, and a Capricorn would be inclined to let opportunities slip by because the track record wasn’t a gain over ten or twenty years.

Gemini: May 21-June 21

One of the Twins is the practical, level-headed one, and the other is the gadfly, the social butterfly and the one most apt to throw money away on betting, playing cards or buying lottery tickets to ‘fund’ their retirement. You never know which Twin is going to meet you for dinner tonight – but if he/she grabs the check, it’s the devil-may-care one. While you can attempt to interest a Gemini in how budgeting can make life easier in the long run, only the practical Twin is going to listen to you – and then for perhaps ten minutes or so. A Gemini is easily bored! It’d be easier on your nerves to buy the occasional lottery ticket and then, if you win a great deal of money (and have lost your heart to your Gemini), set up a trust fund with periodic deposits so they don’t run out of money due to their impulses taking over.

Cancer: June 22-July 22

A Moonchild may have the first dime or dollar ever earned framed and hanging on the wall of the office. An enormous and very stressful fear is that they’ll either not be able to provide for their family at some dreadful point, or they won’t ever have enough money to retire and enjoy managing the grandchildren’s lives. As diligently as a Cancer works, neither of these scenarios is really going to happen. And they also never throw money away. They’ll buy the best products and machines, take excellent care of them, and expect them to last well beyond any extended warranty. (Cancers buy those too.) They won’t buy flimsy furniture, ‘lemon’ cars or cheaply-made clothing, feeling that investing in quality pays for itself in the per use cost which goes down the more something is enjoyed. Multiple bank accounts give any Moonchild more pleasant, restful dreams at night.

Leo: July 23-August 22

Here’s a sign which can’t bear to let someone else pick up the tab, throw that lavish party or have a huge wedding – unless they’re budgeting for something even more special, like a baby, a ranch to retire to or the kids’ college educations. If their heart is set on a major goal, they’ll forego any number of lattes or actually wear timeless, classic clothes instead of following the fads. A Leo can be very practical when that dream is something which would be not only unthinkable for the average person, but unimaginable too. Keep in mind a Leo is so not ‘average.’ He might flip houses to his first million, or she might write racy bestsellers under a dozen pen names – and no one but the banker knows the balance on that savings account.

Virgo: August 23-September 22

Here’s the sign which is the best at worrying about money and whether there’s going to be enough to sustain a comfortable old age. Note I haven’t said this is a bad thing; if worry motivates a Virgo to study the best investments, ask around for a sturdy, solid financial advisor or sell that stamp collection and set the money aside, these are all good. Staying awake at night wondering whether the boss is going to keep everyone on or let people go is counter-productive. A Virgo needs a few options, quietly making discreet inquiries as to who’s hiring and carefully reading the many financial gurus’ columns while sticking to a rather austere budget. Don’t try to laugh or shame a Virgo into spending money on some lavish vacation or urge them to listen to a pitch they clearly hear is a scam. You may need to ask them for a loan some day.

We’ll look at the other six budget styles by Sun sign next week. See you then!

In the meantime, why don’t you look into a ‘side gig’ as the popular term is today, or check into the cost of some up-and-coming stocks? Everyone can use a little money in the ol’ piggy bank. MZ

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  1. Madame Z.,

    You’ve done a service here, in many ways. While the practicality of the comments is unassailable, I got some chuckles, too, showing I suppose that astrology needn’t be pedantic or abstruse all the time! And while I related to the Leo comments I have to say that although I do wear my wardrobe down to the last classic thread, I would find it very difficult to forego one, let alone any number of, lattes!

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